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Personal difficulty rating for Level 4 missions (as of 7/2008).
I started doing L4's solo in June '08. Using Raven and CNR.
The difficulty rating is rather a general aspect. For example: Silence the Informant or Stop the Thief are easy missions, if you get range first. If you don't and stay at the beacon (warp-in point) they are pretty hard to do.
Massive Attack
Angel Extravaganza
Unauthorised Military Presence
Sansha Spies
Guristas Spies
Infiltrated Outposts
Rogue Drone Harassment
Ritualist Raids
Enemies Abound 1-4
The Right Hand of Zazzmatazz
The Assault
Gone Berserk
Attack of the Drones
Stop the Thief
Intercept the Saboteurs
Smuggler Interception
The Blockade
Enemies Abound 5/5
Damsel in Distress
Cargo Delivery
VERY HARD (avoiding these due to the possibility of proximity aggro at warp-in)
Setup nowadays is mostly like:
[high] 6-7 Cruise Launchers
[mid] XL-Booster, Cap Booster, Boost Amp, 3 hardeners
[low] 4 Ballistic Control Systems, 1 Damage Control
[rigs] Hardener Rigs on Raven, Cap Safeguards on CNR, Warhead Rigor Catalyst/Cap Control Circuit
I ditched the perma setup for a more active tank and damage.
Personal difficulty rating for Level 4 missions (as of 6/2008):
I just started doing L4's solo.
Massive Attack, Sansha
Ritualist Raid
Recon 1/3 (not blitzing)
Recon 2/3 (not blitzing or tricking)

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