Tomb Of The Unknown Soldiers, Level 4

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Faction: Caldari
Mission type: Encounter (Storyline)
Space type: Deadspace (mwd does not work)
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Extras: Nos
Web/scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: kin/therm
Recommended ship classes: Battleship
Recommended generic setup: Normal/heavy tank.
Completed in: Navy Domi

Single Pocket

Group 1

2x Battleship -- State Shukuro Shogun-TRIGGER/ State Shukuro Bishamon
1x Battleship -- State Shukuro Nagashin
2x Crusier -- Taibu State Samurai/ Taibu State Bajo
2x Frigate -- Taibu State Katana/ Taibu State Wakizashi

Spawn 1

2x Battleship -- State Shukuro Shogun/ State Shukuro Bishamon
1x Battleship -- State Shukuro Shogun-TRIGGER
3x Battlecruiser -- State Shukuro Bajo/ State Shukuro Knapaku/ State Shukuro Gassin (NOS)

Spawn 2

3x Battleship -- State Shukuro Shogun x2/ State Shukuro Bishamon
1x Battleship -- State Shukuro Nagashin-TRIGGER
3x Battlecruiser -- State Shukuro Bajo/ State Shukuro Gassin (NOS)

Spawn 3

3x Battleship -- State Shukuro Shogun x3
2x Battlecruiser -- State Shukuro Bajo x2
1x Frigate -- Taibu State Katana

You can loot the Tomb however the mission does not complete until ALL ships are kill from all waves

Mineable Asteroid info
While I am not a miner, there seemed to be massive amounts of Veldspar roids in pocket, 50+ with at least two at over 16km radius.

The ship kill faction penalty is around 1% while the turn in is closer to 5%.
Beware of the proximity mines, they do around 900 damage. They can be detonated by shooting with any weapon (does not need to hit)

Comment by MaciejSimm
2011-05-05 17:14:54
for me the first wave trigger was one of the shogun BS's, and there was ECM, too.
Comment by Dethbringer1
2012-04-14 19:49:13
Yes! the trigger was not State Shukuro Nagashin. It was the first State Shukuro Shogun that I killed and there were 3 of them. I was immediately Nos'ed when the next wave spawned and was target jammed. I am not goin back without help.
Comment by NoobSaihbot
2012-04-24 14:57:10
Trigger was in all of the spawn the first State Shukoru Shogun.Lots of dps from the Nagashin,kill it first to be able to tank the rest,
Finished Whit a megatrhon 7*425 prototype rail,2 magstab tech2,one LAR,2 kinetik and 2 thermal active tank.
Warpt out 3 times to repair,one of the hardest mission so far for me. 2 and 3 spawn BC are ECM no NOS

Salvage was about 35 mil in tags and 10 mil in salvage some meta 4 stuf

Caldari Navy Admiral I * 27
Caldari Navy Capten III * 3
Caldari Navy Commodore I * 4
Caldari Navy Commodore II * 4
Caldari Navy Commodore III * 17
Comment by CaptNemo
2014-02-25 04:44:42
Completed in Vexor Navy Issue with high armor resists (90%+ thermal/kinetic), active tank with single MAR II. Used a combination of heavy and sentry drones (Warden/Wasp I).

My spawns and triggers were somewhat different. In Group 1 trigger was one of the State Shogun; in Spawn 1 - State Nagashin; and in Spawn 2 - State Bishamon.

Upon landing on grid closest NPC was at about 55 km. Incoming DPS was fairly heavy, but still manageable. Deployed sentry drones and killed frigates/cruisers immediately. State Nagashin was orbiting just outside of my targeting range, so I proceeded to engage one of the State Shogun battleships. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the trigger for Spawn 1, which appeared and aggroed immediately.

At this point I was overwhelmed by the incoming DPS (primarily from the 2 State Nagashin BS). I had just enough time to target and destroy State Gassin (the NOS BC in Spawn 1) and warp out. NOTE: State Gassin was closing distance very quickly; it seems to be packing an MWD!

It became obvious that sentry drones will not be able to deal with the remaining NPCs, given the incoming DPS and my tank. At this point I loaded heavy drones and fitted NOS (2x Medium Diminishing Power System Drain I). Warped back on grid and targeted one of the State Nagashin BS; closed distance quickly with MWD, then orbited him at something like 1000 m. Engaged NOS and deployed heavy drones. Orbiting in close proximity to him reduced the incoming DPS to nearly zero. After he went down I targeted and destroyed the other Nagashin BS, which triggered Spawn 2, but the NPCs did not pose much of a problem. (however, watch out for State Gassin!)

Upon destroying the trigger in Spawn 2, Spawn 3 appeared right on top of me - it had 2 frigates, but neither of them webbed or warp scrambled. Also there was another State Nagashin BS in addition to the other battleships, but none of the NPCs posed much of a problem at this proximity. Light drones dispatched the frigates, then heavy drones chewed through the rest.

On 2 or 3 occasions the NPCs targeted my drones; had to bring them in and redeploy. Also there was some ECM from State Gassin.

Total loot and salvage was worth over 75 million (72 million of which was in tags). I would probably consider farming this mission if I get it again.

Standing gain with Gallente (with Social at level 5): 9.375%
Standing loss with Caldari due to derived modification: -2.855%
Standing loss with Caldari due to ship kills: -0.138%

Overall a fun mission to do in Vexor, although somewhat time consuming.
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