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Nation Rebirth Facility

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Faction: Incursion Sansha
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Omni
Recommended ship classes: Battleships, Strategic Cruisers, Logistics Cruisers
Recommended generic setup: Battleships tanked with high resistances and 100k+ EHP. Cruisers with high resists and AB for speed/sig tanking.
Forces Required: 20 - 40 pilots

Incursion Sansha will auto aggress and switch targets; drones and support ships are not immune.

Military Intelligence:
Your Objective is to destroy the Sansha fleet guarding the cloning facility. You will not be able to destroy the facility itself, your only objective is to remove the defensive fleet.

- 45,000,000 ISK x ratio
- 10,000 CONCORD LP x ratio

Background Intelligence:
Although many parts of the Nation's cloning process are still not fully documented and understood, a few central aspects of the logistics behind their battlefield applications are clearly visible. Front-line cloning is handled in complexes that self-identify as "Nation Rebirth Facilities." Since this facility enables rapid reinforcement of the Nation's squadrons, its tactical importance must not be underestimated. For its own part, the Nation understands this potential weakness, and has made sure that cloning facilities are both highly mobile and heavily defended.

Single Pocket

Wave 1

1 x Deltole Tegmentum [scram, neut]
3 x Ostingele Tectum
3 x Romi Thalamus
4 x Renyn Meten [web]
2 x Schmaeel Medulla [scram, web]
1 x Uitra Telen
1 x Vylade Dien [command ship] TRIGGER
1 x Mara Paleo [rr]

Wave 2

4 x Antem Neo [sniper]
3 x Ostingele Tectum
1 x Romi Thalamus
4 x Yulai Crus Cerebi [sniper] TRIGGER

Wave 3

3 x Antem Neo [sniper]
2 x Mara Paleo [rr]
5 x Romi Thalamus
3 x Tama Cerebellum [scram]
1 x Vylade Dien [command ship] TRIGGER
4 x Yulai Crus Cerebi [sniper]

Wave 4

2 x Intaki Colliculus [rr]
4 x Yulai Crus Cerebi [sniper]
1 x Outuni Mesen [scram, web, neut]
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