What Comes Around, Goes Around, Level 3

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Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal (no acceleration gate)
Damage dealt: All kinds
Web/scramble: The bounty hunter might web/scram
Recommended damage dealing: Kin, Therm
Recommended ships: Drake, Myrmidon, Hurricane
Tip: except for the bounty hunter, there are only short range weapons here. Any cruiser able to engage at 50km will take them.
Video: http://youtu.be/1DX12jXQmNs

Single Pocket

4x Cruiser (Mercenary Lieutenant)(Moa Class)
1x Cruiser Bounty Hunter (Jason/Ikaruz/Obunga/Okochyn) (EM/Thermal + Thunderbolt Heavy Missile) web/scram


Loot: 700k
Bounty: 900k

Comment by TatonkaSmith
2008-07-02 21:59:19
This is normal space (no deadspace gate). You warp in right on top of the mob.
Comment by StormWind
2008-10-10 03:28:06
Bounty Hunter warp scrambles.
Comment by MorpheusFT
2008-12-13 14:09:50
Piece of cake in my Harbinger
Comment by ArthFael
2009-01-02 12:31:57
The last 2 times U got this mission, it was just 4 Cruiser + the Bounty Hunter. Noch 5 + 1
Comment by XennDC
2009-01-24 11:18:20
Can confirm 4+1, also Bounty Hunter did scramble.
Comment by FaragonSmythe
2009-01-26 20:04:09
Easily tanked in a Jaguar.
Comment by ReLLiK7699
2009-02-25 02:35:11
4+1 and bounty hunter did scramble
Comment by SyzGre
2009-04-12 21:16:13
4+1. Done in a Navy Omen with Pulse Lasers. Mission is quite easy, I didn't even need the repper.

The Bounty Hunter did not Web or Scramble me, even while I orbited him for like 30seconds at 5000m.
Comment by ItPaladin
2009-04-19 05:09:53
easily completed in an Ishkur. Named never even got close enough to try to scram if he would have.
Comment by StephenWolfe
2009-05-07 04:57:10
Bounty Hunter Jason did not get closer than 15km. (No scramble)
Comment by StephenWolfe
2009-06-11 02:52:09
This time I got Bounty Hunter Okochyn who did scram at around 17-20km.
Comment by NicCage
2009-06-23 15:24:55
Obunga warp scram'd me.
Best to tank Kin/Thermal, I believe.
Comment by KeryNysell
2009-07-26 13:01:02
I was webbed by Bounty Hunter Jason, but not scrambled ... since I didn't even need to move my Drake, not a problem ...
Comment by BossStubs
2009-08-09 21:12:09
Easily done in passive drake. No need to move, so web is no problem. I did not notice any scramble
Comment by ZaetarSinescha
2009-09-23 03:23:12
When I did it I got Bounty Hunter Obunga and the Mercenary Lieutenants also fired Bloodclaw Light Missiles.
Comment by MorkFel
2009-09-29 12:05:21
Okochyn is webbing me right now.
Comment by CarlMarsarlis
2009-11-08 10:34:26
Recommended damage should be thermal, then kinetic.
Comment by IzZa
2010-03-08 20:49:24
Bounty Hunter Jason @ 17km Warp Scrambled
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-08-28 04:36:30
Easily and quickly completed in T2 fitted and rigged Artillery Hurricane - Passive shield tank with active hardener.
Comment by AdmiralProud
2010-09-09 18:18:06
Jason did not scram or web me.
Comment by Vis3
2010-10-30 13:31:43
Completed in a Rifter, I got scrammed by Ikaruz but not webbed, it looks random if you will get webbed or scrammed, can someone please report if you get both.
Comment by DrRoic
2011-04-26 03:06:37
Total bounty was 410,000 ISK.
Comment by ArthaBan
2011-05-09 17:15:15
Completed in myrmidon. Easy.
Comment by TeightyCaldari
2011-05-28 17:03:39
Very easy on a passive drake.

Just warp in within 50km and light them up, shields never fell below 99%

Ive been playing for 2 weeks too so skills are low.
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-06-12 02:42:01
Drake with 7x Malkuth Heavies and standard scourges.
just 15 volleys to slaughter them all.
Comment by HezzarK
2012-01-02 18:30:10
done in drake with gurista tank, only kin therm, no problem, also no need to set any tank for this mission, 3 min
Comment by RudeGirl
2012-07-11 18:39:55
completed in myrmi,warped in within 50km using 250mm prototype gauss gun took me 2 mins
Comment by XeCara
2012-11-21 10:40:15
For me, jason never fired missiles, nor any ewar
Comment by EthicalOobec
2013-01-20 06:32:10
easy in a missle set up drake - didnt get webbed
Comment by SkyBon
2013-05-30 00:54:06
Took me 2 minutes in T2-fitted Tengu.
Comment by GoldenFleet
2016-12-26 15:21:04
4+1 Ikaruz scrambles
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