What Slavery Begets (Amarr), Level 5

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal Deadspace.
Web/Scramble: All Frigates
Extras: Energy Neutralizer Sentries, NOS, Tracking Disrupter
Damage dealt: EM 66%, Therm 33%
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Recommended ships:

Direct warp into normal space for the first pocket. Subsequent rooms are gated. Read the notes at the bottom of the page.


Ships at 20-75k unless you choose to warp to within a different distance

Room 1 warp in

4 x Amarr Cruise Missile Batteries
7 x Amarr Stasis Tower
2 x Amarr Tower Sentry III

Blowing up a Stasis Tower replaces it with an Amarr Heavy Neut Tower

Pocket 2

This is what you see at warp in

Room 2 warp in

6x Amarr Cruise Missile Battery
2x Amarr Tower Sentry III
5x Battlecruisers (Imperial Templar Justicar/Divine Imperial Justicar/Divine Imperial Champion)Trigger Spawn 1
5x Battleships (Imperial Templar Martyr)

There is an additional spawn in this room. I didn't see exactly what I shot to trigger it but I was shooting the BCs first. As there is only one Divine Imperial Champion I assume it was that one.

Spawn 1

11x Frigates (Divine Imperial Imran/Valok/Napat)Tracking Disrupt from Napat
10x Battlecruisers (Divine Imperial Justicar/Divine Imperial Ambrose)NOS from Ambrose
4x Battleships (Imperial Templar/Dominator)

Pocket 3

Room 3 warp in

2x Amarr Cruise Missile Battery
2x Amarr Energy Neutralizer Sentry I
2x Amarr Tower Sentry III
4x Battlecruiser (Imperial Templar Justicar/Champion)
5x Battleships (Imperial Templar Ultara/Justicar/Martyr)

Shooting the neutralizers replaces them with Sentry III towers

Pocket 4

I didn't get a screenshot of this pocket because I was thoroughly bored of the mission. The objective (Datacenters) are 40k from the warp in.

Approx numbers of ships

6x Frigates
10x Battlecruisers
6x Battleships
4x Neutralizer Towers

I remember the Battlecruisers spawned 3 additional Battleships each. I didn't shoot the Neut towers but I would assume they also get replaced by sentry towers.

There are 4 containers each in the 2nd and 3rd room and 5 in the last room. One among each of these groups has 1 of the 3 large containers you need to finish the mission. The rest only ever contain 1 unit of scrap metal. They are bunched together at 40km from the warp in in each of the rooms. Hacking 4 was enough for me to hack all of them. To find which of the cans you need to hack make sure you have 'type' column active and the objective can should have a different type than the rest.

Hacking can in 2nd/3rd room will cause spawns to appear and attack

2nd room: 2 elite frigs, 2 spawns
3rd room: ~5 elite frigs ~6 elite cruisers, 1 spawn

Hacking cans in any of the rooms will randomly cause a 500 aoe damage around the cans that hits your ship or any drones you have orbiting you.


Comment by TyphadoTornoon
2012-11-03 03:20:44
Ran this mission and managed to hack the cans and complete it with hacking 4.... it's a massive PiTA.

Avoid if at all possible.
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