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Epic Arc Overview

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Starter agent: Arsten Takalo
Agent corporation: Brutor Tribe
Agent location: Frarn (Brutor Tribe Community Area)
Standings required: 5.0 (Either Minmatar Republic or Brutor Tribe)
Additional skills required: Hacking, Archaeology

Important notes :
* Your standings is only checked by the starter agent. Once you are on the epic arc, subsequent agents will no longer make standings checks.
* This means, within this epic arc, you can choose to run missions for ANY faction regardless of your standings with them.

* RSS Core Scanner Probes ( Flight Time 1000.00s / 45 point sensor strength / 500Hp )
* 25 Million Isk Payout

Chapter 1 - The Passage

Mission 1 - A Demonstration

Find and return "Olfei Medallion". This item can either be bought on the market or found in a cosmic anomaly called "A Demonstration" within the Sveipar Constellation. You will need Archaelogy skills (to use the Analyzer module) to open containers each containing 1 medallion; only a single medallion is needed.

Anomaly contains:

5x Elite Frigates ( Angel )
11x Elite Cruisers ( Angel )


Mission 2 - The Cost of Preservation

Recover the passkey from Aillon Boufin and use it to recover the Hauteker Memoirs from his archives. Once you have acquired the key, it will need to be placed inside the archives.

Faction: Mercenaries / Gallente
Mission Type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Web/scramble: Elite frigate (Mercenary Wingman)

Initial Group

1x Elite Crusier (Ailon Boufin - Gallente Elite Cruiser) multiple triggers when shot

Spawn 1 (triggerd when Ailon first shot)

5x Elite Frigate (Mercenary Wingman) Web & Scram
6x Cruiser (Mercenary Corporal / Mercenary Lieutenant)
5x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord)

Spawn 2

(triggered when Ailon goes into armor ) 7x Battleships (Mercenary Overlord)
1x Elite Battleship (Mercenary Commander)


Mission 3 - Written By The Victors

Faction: Angel Cartel / Ammar Empire
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space without gates (May use MWD)
Damage dealt: Any (See Below)
Web/scramble: Elite frigate, Breaker/Defeater elite cruisers.
Recommended damage dealing: Exp (Initial Group) , EM (Spawn 1)
Recommended ship: Battleship (long range fit + may Afterburner)


No Gate

Initial Angel Cartel Group (20-40 km)

(left + right together) 1x Elite Frigate (Arch Gistii Outlaw / or Thug ) Web/Scramble
7x Elite Cruiser (Arch Gistum Centurion (3), Arch Gistum Phalanx (4))
3x Elite Cruiser ( Arch Gistum Breaker / Arch Gistum Defeater) Web/Scramble
3x Battlecrusier (Gistatis Legatus (1) Gistatis Tribunus (2))

Total DPS:
EM: 67 / EXP: 331 / KIN: 92 / THERM: 178
Piranha Light Missile in 5 secs!

Spawn 1 Amarr Empire

(Triggered when last battlecruiser destroyed) Recommended Damage Dealing: EM
2x Elite Battlecrusier (Imperial Templar Phalanx)
3x Battleship (Imperial Templar Martyr)
1x Elite Battleship ( Imperial Templar Judgement ) Final Trigger

Spawn 1 Total DPS: Unknown / Wrath Cruise Missile in 20 secs!

Take the Wildfire Khumaak from Central Burial Tomb and bring to next mission.
You do not loose Amarr Empire standing for blowing up these Amarr vessels.

Mission 4 - Glowing Embers

Drop Off Mission Mission can be remotely completed

Mission 5 - From Way Above

Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space without gates
Damage dealt: Any (Explosive, Kinetic, Em)
Web/scramble: Elite frigate, Elite cruisers.
Recommended damage dealing: Exp/Kin
Recommended ship: Battleship (long range fit + may Afterburner)

Inital Spawn

3x Elite Frigates ( Arch Gistii Ambusher / Raider ) Web Scramble
3x Elite Cruisers ( Arch Gistum Phalanx / Centurion )
3x Elite Battlecrusier ( Gistatis Praefectus / Tribunus )

Spawn 1

3x Elite Frigate ( Arch Gistii Ruffian ) Web/Scramble
2x Elite Cruiser ( Arch Gistum Marauder / Liquidator )
1x Battleship ( Gist Warlord )

Spawn 2

1x Elite Frigate ( Arch Gistii Ruffian ) Web/Scramble
4x Elite Cruiser ( Arch Gistum Breaker / Defeater) Web/Scramble
3x Battleship ( Gist Throne / Cherubim )

Spawn 3

4x Destroyer ( Gistior Seizer / Thrasher )
3x Elite Frigate ( Arch Gistii Impaler / Hunter ) Web/Scramble
3x Elite Battlecruiser ( Gistatis Legatus / Tribunus )

Spawn 4

5x Elite Cruiser ( Arch Gistum Breaker / Defeater) Web/Scramble
3x Battleship ( Gist Seraphim )
2x Elite Battleship ( Gist Domination Saint / Nephilim )


Mission 6 - Friends In High Places

Check point mission


Mission 7 - My Little Eye

Talk To Next Agent Mission

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