Wildfire, Minmatar Level 4 Epic Arc

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Epic Arc Overview

Agent Name: Nilf Abruskur
Agent Corporation: Republic Security Services
Agent Location: Aldrat System at RSS Liaison Headquarters (Celestial Beacon)
Additional Requirements: Hacking III and Archaeology III (skill), Data Analyzer and Relic Analyzer (module)

Important note:
* Your standing is only checked by the starter agent. After starting the epic arc, subsequent agents will not check standings.
* This means while running the epic arc, you can continue doing missions even if your standing drops below +5.00 yet remains above -2.00 Faction standing.

Chapter 2 - Songs of the Past

Go to Chapter 1: The Passage
Go to Chapter 3: Revelation

Mission 1 - Dead End Intercept

Faction: Minmatar Republic
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Normal Space
Recommended Damage Dealing: Explosive / Kinetic

Mission Objective:

Initial Spawn (65km)

1x Lomar Vujik - Minmatar Battleship (Republic Tribal Kinai)


Mission 2 - Surfacing

Faction: Mercenaries
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Normal Space
Damage Dealt: All
Web/Scram: Mercenary Wingman, Spider Drone I
Recommended Damage Dealing: Kinetic / Thermal

Mission Objective:

Initial Spawn (5 - 20km)

2x Frigate (Mercenary Wingman) Web/Scram
4x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)
5x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord) Trigger


Wave 2 (5-20km)

2x Frigate (Mercenary Wingman) Web/Scram
5x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)
4x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord) Trigger


Wave 3 (5-20km)

5x Frigate (Mercenary Elite Fighter)
2x Elite Frigate (Mercenary Wingman) Web/Scram
3x Spider Drone I (50km Range) Web
4x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord)


Mission 3 - Who Art in Heaven

Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Normal Space
Damage Dealt: Explosive
Web/Scram: Elite Frigate
Recommended Damage Dealing: Explosive / Kinetic

Mission Objective:

Initial Spawn

2 groups - Instant full room aggro.

Group 1 (20-40K)
7x Frigate (Arch Gistii Hunter, Arch Gistii Impaler)
4x Cruiser (Arch Gistum Breaker, Arch Gistum Defeater)
7x Battleship (Gist Cherubim, Gist Seraphim, Gist Throne)

Group 2 (70-90K)
8x Frigate (Gistii Hunter, Gistii Impaler)
3x Elite Frigate (Arch Gistii Hunter) Web/Scram
3x Battlecruiser (Gistatis Praefectus)


Mission 4 - Playing All Their Cards

Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Normal Space
Recommended Damage Dealing : Explosive / Kinetic
Requires: Hacking III (minimum) and Data Analyzer module.

Mission Objective:
Initial Spawn (100km)
11x Frigate (Arch Gistii Hijacker, Arch Gistii Hunter, Arch Gistii Impaler, Arch Gistii Rogue, Arch Gistii Thug) Web/Scram Hijacker/Rogue/Thug
6x Destroyer (Gistor Seizor, Gistor Trasher)
4x Cruiser (Arch Gistum Phalanx, Arch Gistum Defeater, Arch Gistum Centurion)
10x Battleship (Gist Cherubim, Gist Seraphim, Gist Throne)


Mission 5 - History In The Making

Mission Type: Travel

Mission Objective:

Go to Chapter 3, Revelation

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Comment by Erg0not
2009-10-15 22:17:00
On Chapter 2, mission 4, Playing All Their Cards, I can confirm that the codebreaker is needed, as well as hacking to level 3. I tried it at level 1 and 2, and got a message that it was too complex. Once I got level 3 it took about 3 minutes or so to hack, then you open cargo and retrieve the data.
Comment by XeirinToroche
2011-01-20 18:00:06
On Chapter 2, Mission 2 -Surfacing
If your setup is longrange & not short, trigger the spawn with a shuttle then warp out & get your mission boat, warp in at distance to finish em off - worked for me
Comment by HarshWords
2011-08-21 10:09:09
On Chapter 2, Mission 2 - Surfacing
Spawn triggers when iten removed from can, not by range
Comment by RoperKlax
2011-10-03 20:05:42
Mission 4: Playing all their Cards.
Warp into the pocket with asteroids, the can containing the mission objective, the Angel Battlestation and no npc's. Approach the can to trigger the spawn. There is no need at that point to have the codebreaker equipped, as proximity is enough to get them to appear. As I approached the entire spawn appears and all aggro. Straightforward kite and kill. I also only had hacking 2 and got the same message as noted above that the hack was too complex. I thought that my Echelon hacking ship that was handed out a while ago would help but it didn't. Need hacking 3 as Erg0not stated...
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2011-12-12 01:42:34
Chapter 2 - Missions #1 to #4 completed in T2 rigged Faction/Deadspace fitted Command Ship (Sleipnir) - active shield tank - Lg shld Booster with dual boost amps - Invul and Dmg Ctrl - Afterburner - T2 425mm ac's and hvy assault launchers - dual gyro with single trac enh.

Mission 3 - Who Art in Heaven
No room aggro.
I warped in, moved into position and targeted NPC group 2. Group 2 despawned, journal flashed, pop up message from agent saying mission is scrubbed, return to base. I stayed and collected the bounty on Group 1 even though mission was flagged completed.

There should be a 5th mission added to this page - History In The Making
Basic travel and report to next agent - Hiva Shesha
Comment by EloisePasteur
2012-04-02 06:43:12
Mission 2 is fairly easy but make sure you can take out a lot of frigate sized ships one way or another. I ended up waiting for drones to clear frigates in spawn 3 having killed all the BS and as many of the frigates at range as possible.

And I agree with HarshWords - spawn trigger is removing object from can, not range now. Each spawn triggered by last ship in previous spawn dying.
Comment by EloisePasteur
2012-04-02 06:48:44
Info for Mission 3 seems to be corrected now... says next system over.
Comment by HwaSung
2012-10-30 04:06:17
Mission 3 - Who Art in Heaven

If you warp in from the right direction, you will trigger the explosion and death of the second group upon warp-in and be able to blitz the mission.

Mission 4 - Playing All the Cards
You can hack the box containing the mission item with Hacking 2 + 2 hacking rigs. This gave me a 14.4% access chance, which was enough for the mission. Took several minutes to complete the hack, but I didn't have to wait to train hacking III to continue.

DPS for this mission is a mix of mostly Explosive and EM. Make sure to prioritize the destroyers (seizers/trashers) and when they catch up to you as they put out decent DPS considering their being frigates.
Comment by RollazNv
2014-04-27 21:13:17
Mission 1 - Dead End Intercept

I thought I'd leave an AF near Erstur/Aldrat for the next time I'd run this since I didn't want to fly a BS all the way up and back, so I built a 185dps Jag AF, I could not break the tank of Lomar Vujik's Tempest.

I refitted with 285dps of Hail S and it still took too long to kill him. I took nearly no shield damage w/o a MWD or A/B running, just base speed, so next time I run this I'll DPS it up a bit more by dropping the shield rigs and trying it with projectile rigs.
Comment by Vato76
2014-06-20 17:51:33
for Who Art In Heaven, i warped in at 100km and started moving away from the container when suddenly the mission completed on its own.
Comment by Vato76
2014-06-20 18:03:25
in "Playing All Their Cards" - you can use a data analyzer II and hack at 6km to avoid any spawns and be completely safe. the rats will spawn when you get closer to loot it.
Comment by DaJollyJoker
2014-10-25 09:53:32
In mission 4 "Playing All Their Cards" frigs web and scramble!
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