Wildfire, Minmatar Level 4 Epic Arc

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Epic Arc Overview

Agent Name: Hiva Shesheva
Agent Corporation: Krusual Tribe
Agent Location: Tanoo System at Krusual Mobile Library (Celestial Beacon)
Additional Requirements: Hacking III and Archaeology III (skill), Data Analyzer and Relic Analyzer (module)
Note: You can use the mobile depot to refit on-site for a data/relic module. Also very useful an Emergent Locus Analyzer subsystem if you are using a T3.

Important note:
* Your standing is only checked by the starter agent. After starting the epic arc, subsequent agents will not check standings.
* This means while running the epic arc, you can continue doing missions even if your standing drops below +5.00 yet remains above -2.00 Faction standing.

Chapter 3 - Revelation

Go to Chapter 1: The Passage
Go to Chapter 2: Songs Of The Past

Mission 1 - Church Of The Obsidian

Faction: Amarr
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Gated Deadspace (MWD works)
Web/Scram: Ammatar Navy Delta I, Ammatar Navy Gamma II
Required: Archeology III and Relic Analyzer module

Mission Objective:
At Gate (25-50km)
(No aggro until within 15km of gate)
7x Frigate (Ammatar Navy Delta I, Ammatar Navy Gamma II, Ammatar Navy Soldier) Web/Scram
3x Battleship (Ammatar Navy Armageddon, Ammatar Navy Apocalypse)

Pocket 1 (30-40km)
5x Frigate (Ammatar Navy Soldier)
5x Cruiser (Ammatar Navy Maller)
10x Battleship (Ammatar Navy Armageddon, Ammatar Navy Apocalypse)


Tips (Avoid Negative Standing Hit For Ship Kill)

Mission 2 - Heresiology

Faction: Ammatar
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Normal Space
Web/Scram: Ammatar Navy Delta I, Ammatar Navy Gamma II
Required: Archeology III and Relic Analyzer module

Mission Objective:

Initial Group (55-75km)
10x Frigate (Ammatar Navy Delta 1 Support Frigate, Ammatar Navy Detective, Ammatar Navy Gamma II Support Frigate) Web/Scram
5x Cruiser (Ammatar Navy Maller)
4x Battleship (Ammatar Navy Armageddon, Ammatar Navy Apocolypse)

Possible Avoidance Of Ship Kill

Mission 3 - Wildfire

Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Normal Space
Web/Scram: Elite Frigate

Mission Objective:
Initial Spawn (5km)
1x Karkoti Rend (Elite Angel Battleship)
Warps out after 1 minute and triggers Spawn 2

Spawn 2 (40km)
(Instant Aggro)
5x Frigate (Gistii Hunter, Impaler)
11x Elite Frigate (Arch Gistii Hijacker, Hunter, Outlaw, Rogue, Thug) Web/Scram
4x Battleship (Gist Throne, Cherubim)


Mission 4 - Stillwater

Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Normal Space
EWAR: NOS, Web/Scram

Mission Objective:
Initial Group (30km)
1x Angel Energy Neutralizer Sentry II (150km Range) Neut
8x Elite Frigate (Arch Gistii Hijacker, Arch Gistii Hunter, Arch Gistii Impaler) Web/Scram
3x Elite Cruiser (Arch Gistum Centurian, Arch Gistum Phalanx)
5x Battleship (Gist Cherubim, Gist Seraphim, Gist Throne)
1x Karkoti Rend (Elite Angel Battleship) Sleeper AI with NOS


Mission 5 - With Great Power

Mission Type: Epic Arc Pathway Choice

Mission Objective:

Mission 5a - Revelation

Mission Type: Courier
Mission Objective:

End Of Arc

Mission 5b - Retraction

Mission Type: Courier
Mission Objective:

End Of Arc

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Comment by BlazieB
2010-03-07 11:39:11
In mission 4, the angel hijackers did scram me.
Comment by IrnBruback
2010-07-21 06:29:40
Church of the Obsidian can be speed tanked. I did it in a Dramiel with an invuln fitted. Quickly eliminate webbing frigs and keep the afterburner running. Analyze the can and warp out.
Comment by JaTon
2010-12-04 19:54:44
The standings reward is always going to be 6.25% (unless CCP changes things), but keep in mind that this 6.25% is going to vary in *effectiveness* according to your present standing...in my case, I selected Mission 5b and my Minmatar went from 5.68 to 5.95. But my standings log does say that that is 6.25%.
Comment by JaTon
2011-01-09 17:42:36
I avoided killing the ships that are mentioned as giving the negative standings hits, but I got Amarr and Ammatar hits anyways from killing different ships. So is probably no way to kill the ships without a corresponding standings loss. In my case, the loss was very small...-0.018% to Amarr.
Comment by JaTon
2011-01-09 18:23:54
For players who are going for the standings rewards: According to the info I am getting, the completion of 5A will give 11.5% Minmatar faction (not Gallente as the path-name implies). Completion of 5B gives 6.25% Minmatar, as previously stated. (Some players are saying they got 12% or 12.5% for 5A. I don't know whats going on. Sliding scale perhaps?)
Comment by XeirinToroche
2011-01-20 17:57:21
For Mission 3 - Wildfire
If you dont like the idea of getting jumped because you use a long range setup instead of close, deliver the datacore with a shuttle & then come back in with your mission boat - worked for me.
Comment by RoperKlax
2011-10-05 17:28:55
mission 4: Stillwater... The energy neut is the pain here. a passive tank rattlesnake might be nice. Karkoti Rend, who holds the mission objective, and a 10 mil bounty, is pretty easy to kill if you can tank the room long enough without your cap running dry.
Afterwards I went for the Retraction ending and only got 6.0% standing increase.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2011-12-13 05:55:26
Completed Arc in T2 rigged Faction/Deadspace fitted active shield tank, AC/Hvy Assault Launcher Command Ship (Sleipnir).

Mission 1 - Church of the Obsidian
Destroying all NPC's at gate incured -0.06% Amarr Faction standing loss for Ship Kill.

Destroying all NPC's in pocket incured -0.06% Amarr Faction standing loss for Ship Kill.

Mission 2 - Heresiology
Destroying all NPC's incured -3.0% Ammatar Mandate Faction standing loss for Ship Kill.

Mission 4 - Stillwater
NPC spawn point is 6km from mission beacon.
Angel Energy Neutralizer Sentry II has 150km range.

I warped in at 100km range and quickly headed away from spawn point to about 200km range. Waited for NPC's to advance and engaged them outside of Neut Sentry range. After destroying Frigates and Cruisers, warped out and back again to 0km and destroyed Neut Sentry, then worked on Battleships, destroyed named NPC (Karkoti Rend) last.

I picked Mission 5a - Revelation
Got +12.5% Minmatar Faction standing increase.
Comment by RmmBc
2012-03-25 14:34:35
Standings increases make sense, now that I read the evelopedia. The base standings increases are either 10.0% (if you did mission 5a) or 5.0% (if you did mission 5b). These will be modified by your Social skill. At Social V, the increases will be 12.5% and 6.25% respectively.
Comment by RmmBc
2012-03-25 14:52:55
Missions 1 and 2 will cause Amarr and/or Ammatar standings hits if you shoot npcs. Here is how me and my alts avoided these hits:

Mission 1: Tanked gate with drake/basilisk combo. No gate npc had scramblers.
: Second drake warped in and immediately ran away (lol). His AB speed
of 389m/s was enough to pull ahead of the pocket frigs and stay out
of range of any webs/scrams. Only took a few seconds for the
entire pocket to agro him.
: Third drake, equiped with Analyzer, warped into pocket and AB to
the can.

Mission 2: Tanked all spawns with drake/basilisk combo. There are no
: Second drake, equiped with Analyzer, warped in and AB to the cans
and got the Obisidian thingy.
Comment by EloisePasteur
2012-04-03 14:33:50
Missions 1-3 of this are all fairly easy. I took out my shield booster and replaced it with the analyser for mission 2 and could have done the same for mission 1 too.

Mission 4 - if you can gank well at <45km range is not as hard as it seems. You arrive at about 40km from the neut tower. I was set up to run and fight 175km away but the tower died before locking me and destroying cap. After that, although it's a tough old fight it's no harder than a typical tough L4 mission.
Comment by AnaGram
2012-10-14 13:20:38
Mission 2 - Heresiology
Completed twice back to back

1st Time Warp in and orbit at 45km on AB with full aggro , Tengu was only webbed , warp in Buzzard and complete cans.

2nd Time Warp in and orbit at 45km on AB with full aggro, Tengu was webbed and SCRAMMED , warp in Buzzard and complete cans. Needed to kill 1x Navy Delta (web) and 2x Navy Gamma (web and scram) to prevent a slow and lingering death. -0.0119% standing loss to Ammatar for ship kill
Comment by HwaSung
2012-10-30 18:42:26
For standings increase gurus. Just completed the entire arc on 2 characters simultaneously. One character was able to share the rep bonus from the final quest amongst the two of them equally for 5.75% faction increase to both parties.

The other character completed and didn't share the faction for 11.5% standings increase to Minmatar (both characters are at lv3 in their relevant social skills).

Total Faction standings changes:
+17.25% Minmatar (1 character split reward/1 took full reward)
-.24% Ammar (4 ticks of ship-kills for .06 each - combat character did each mission twice)
+~15% with Krusual Tribe (corp standings - single character reward)
+~15% with Republic Security Services (corp standings - single character reward)
+~30% (7 ticks of 4.39%) with Brutor Tribe (corp standings - single character reward)
Comment by RollazNv
2014-04-29 21:07:11
In Mission 1 - Church of the Obsidian

I only shot the frigs and cruisers and only in pocket 1, and still got 1 Amarr standing hit for -0.018, so it's not just the geddon and apoch.

In Mission 2 - Heresiology

I only shot the frigs and cruisers I lost -3.0% for a ship kill to Ammatar Mandate, which really sucks for those wanting good standings everywhere.

For those that hate the new clickfest from the hacking mini game, you can just fail each hack quickly to get to the drop, as there is no loot to gain from the hacking portion of this mission.
Comment by KirtaadTzash
2014-10-10 11:23:54
Mission 1 - Church of the Obsidian - it's not possible to warp around, so trick with luring the NPCs away using warp jumps around the grid doesn't work. MJD around and back to the church works tho (no need to kill anything).

Mission 2 - Heresiology the Ammatar faction -3.0% hit is for killing the detectives. -0.075% for killing the Delta Support I frigs. No standing hit for killing just the cruisers and battleships.
Comment by PhoenixCox
2015-03-04 15:04:05
I completed the first two missions in an overtanked dual prop Domi without killing anything.

Tactics are to hack the can for as long as the tank lasts or until you finish hacking the cluster of cans, then MJD out, use the AB to burn to 100km off the next thing you want to hack, let the MJD timer expire and rep your tank back up and let your cap refill enough, then MJD back to the next can, rinse, repeat. Y

You will pull the rats all over the shop and the only ones that are really a bother are the webbing frigs which make getting to cans to hack/open them a pain.

I did not find loot in any of the cans except the last one with the mission item.


[Dominix, Masher]
Capacitor Power Relay II
Core B-Type Armor Thermic Hardener
Corpus B-Type Armor EM Hardener
Core A-Type Large Armor Repairer
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized EM Membrane II
Energized Thermic Membrane II

Large Micro Jump Drive
F-90 Positional Sensor Subroutines
Cap Recharger II
Relic Analyzer I
Core C-Type 100MN Afterburner

Salvager I
Small Tractor Beam I
Salvager I
Drone Link Augmentor II
Drone Link Augmentor II
Drone Link Augmentor II

Large Sentry Damage Augmentor I
Large Drone Scope Chip I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Warrior II x5
Bouncer II x5
Salvage Drone I x5
Curator II x5
Heavy Armor Maintenance Bot I x3

Tracking Speed Script x2
Scan Resolution Script x1
Optimal Range Script x2

The highs are irrelavant, and the bling is probably unecessary, the sebo lets you keep the cans locked from 100km+ out.
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