Worlds Collide, Level 4

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Faction: Gallente Federation and Sansha Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Ki/Th from Gallente, EM/Th from Sansha
Web/Scramble: Sansha's Berserker / Centii Loyal Ravener / Centii Loyal Scavenger
Recommended damage dealing: Therm vs. Gallente & Minmatar, EM vs. Sansha

Pocket 1 (War Zone)

Each gate is locked until you kill a trigger from each group. Gates can, however, be activated, before killing the trigger, by using a Zbikoki's Hacker Card.

Groups aggro individually and will not fly further than ~30km from their control towers.

Gallente Group

3x Elite Frigate (Federation Navy Gamma I Support Frigate)
4x Cruiser (Federation Navy Thorax)
3x Battleship (Federation Navy Dominix)
2x Battleship (Federation Navy Orion) Gate Unlock Trigger

Strongly recommend using Thermal missiles against the Federation Navy Orion, even if you're flying a Drake or Tengu, as they'll deal 2x the damage, even after the 25% damage bonus from the hull / offensive subsystem is taken into account.

Sansha Group

3x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Ravener / Scavanger) Web/Scramble
3x Battlecruiser (Centatis Specter)
3x Battleship (Centus Mutant Lord / Savage Lord) Gate Unlock Trigger (Centus Savage Lord)

Pocket 2 (Federation Base) (Auto-aggro)

3x Sentry (Tower Sentry Gallente III)
5x Frigate (Federation Navy Soldier
3x Elite Frigate (Federation Navy Delta II Support Frigate)
6x Cruiser (Federation Navy Detective / Thorax) EM Missiles from Detectives
4x Battleship (Federation Navy Dominix / Megathron)
1x Battleship (Federation Navy Orion)
1x Battleship (Republic Fleet Tempest)

Pocket 2 (Sansha Base)

Group 1 (Auto-aggro):

2x Frigates (Sansha's Berserker (named Sansha Spy)) Web
3x Battleships (Centus Dread Lord/Savage Lord/Dark Lord/Beast Lord)

Group 2:

5x Destroyers (Centior Monster/Abomination)
4x Battleships (Centus Dark Lord/Beast Lord/Overlord)

Group 3:

4x Elite Frigates (Centii Loyal Scavanger/Ravener) Web/Scramble
5x Elite Cruisers (Centum Loyal Hellhound/Fiend)
3x Battleships (Centus Savage Lord/Plague Lord/Mutant Lord/Slave Lord)

Random Spawn (Auto-aggro):

1x Battleship (Sansha’s Overseer)

note: if anything (except the frigates target) engage web frigates, the hole pocket attack that target and then you. So the engaged target have to kill web frigates with their guns/missiles.

Pocket 3 (Pirate Stash)

Groups aggro when engaged or on proximity. Initial auto-aggro will vary, depending on which group you land closest to.

Group 1

4x Elite Frigates (Centii Loyal Scavanger/Ravener) Web/Scramble
3x Battlecruiser (Centatis Behemoth / Daemon)
2x Battleship (Centus Tyrant / Mutant Lord)

Group 2:

5x Destroyer (Centior Monster)
2x Battleship (Centus Plague Lord / Savage Lord) Tracking Disruption from Plague Lords

Group 3:

6x Battlecruiser (Centatis Spectre / Phantasm)
1x Battleship (Centus Dark Lord)

Group 4:

4x Destroyer (Centior Monster)
1x Battleship (Centus Plague Lord / Savage Lord) Tracking Disruption from Plague Lords

Pocket 1: Approach the Sansha gate kill the triggers or use Zbikoki's Hacker Card to jump in. (the card is consumed in process)
Pocket 2: Kill web frigates with your guns/missiles then approach the acceleration gate (be sure that you don't go near group 2 or group 3 in order to do that go to smaller end of acceleration gate) and use it.
Pocket 3: Kill all Ships. (sometimes the cargo is unlocked before you kill all ships)

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Comment by FillmoreLove
2011-05-06 02:43:49
If you are trying to blitz be careful - you cannot go directly to the gate in the second pocket and just warp out even though it is not locked - you will get scrambled and webbed before you can jump.
Comment by KhadanBerylli
2011-07-25 04:49:29
To prevent being scrambled by the 3rd Group in the Sansha Stage just don't fly directly through them. Use your MWD/AB to approach the gate from the other side as the group seems to be aggroed by proximity.
Comment by KhadanBerylli
2011-07-25 05:18:23
Please note that since Incarna 1.0 this mission requires more than simply retrieving the Crash Ultra. You also have to destroy the npc's guarding it. Only then will the agent accept this mission as completed.

Best regards,

GM Strixaluco

EVE Online customer support
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