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Class 5 W-Space Cosmic Signatures

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This is the full list of class 5 w-space cosmic signatures.

You may bookmark this link if you are living in a class 5 system.

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Cosmic Anomaly

CoreGarrison Core Garrison (Class 5)
CoreStronghold Core Stronghold (Class 5)
OruzeOsobnyk Oruze Osobnyk (Class 5)
QuarantineArea Quarantine Area (Class 5)

Relic Sites

ForgottenCoreDataField Forgotten Core Data Field (Class 5)
ForgottenCoreInformationPen Forgotten Core Information Pen (Class 5)

Data Sites

UnsecuredFrontierEnclaveRelay Unsecured Frontier Enclave Relay (Class 5)
UnsecuredFrontierServerBank Unsecured Frontier Server Bank (Class 5)

Gas Sites

BountifulFrontierReservoir Bountiful Frontier Reservoir (Class 5)
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