Dread Pirate Scarlet, Level 4

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Faction: Angel / Blood Raider / Gurista / Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal Space - Can warp to member of fleet in any pocket directly, but cannot warp to any previous pockets directly.
Damage Dealt: All kinds(Omni Tank)
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive(Angel Cartel), Thermal/Kinetic(Serpentis), EM(Blood Raiders) and Finally Kinetic/Thermal(Guristas) (based on random spawn)(Your damage dealing will depend on the spawns you get. Be prepared with any modifications to change your damage type!).
Web/scramble: Frigates in Last Pocket
Jam/Dampen: yes (battleships)
Video: Ishtar blitz


Recommended ship: Drake, Battleship, Rattlesnake (due to ease of omni tank, possible ECM, and minimal drone aggro)
Advice: You may have to warp out-in several times in order to finish this mission. In order to not trigger a re-spawn in each pocket just leave an NPC ship (preferable one with the lowest DPS) in each pocket and every time you warp-in just burn for the gate.

Pocket 1 (warp in)

Acceleration gate is locked and 20 KM away from warp-in.
You may also select warp-to distance for snipe setup in pocket 1.

Note: Warping out may cause a new Angel or Serpentis spawn with the same number of cruisers/battleships.

Group (Auto-aggro): (55 KM)

4 x Cruiser (Angel: Liquidator/Marauder) / (Serpentis)
5 x Battleship (Angel: Malakim/Nephilim/Warlord/) (Target Painter) / (Serpentis)
Nephiliim orbit at 31km, Malakim/warlord orbit at 7-8km
Last battleship killed drops the key to unlock the gate. Key will not be consumed on use. The key is labeled "Gate Key".


5 x Battlecruser (Serpentis: Corelatis Squad Leader/ Corelum Cheif Guard) (Damp)
4 x Battleship (Serpentis: Core Admiral/Core High Admiral)

Pocket 2

Acceleration gate is not locked and 29 KM away from warp-in.

Group (Auto-aggro): (45-60 KM)

1 x Named Battlecruiser (Anire Scarlet) Heavy EM/Thermal She warps out almost immediately
5 x Battlecruiser (Blood Raider: Arch Sage) / (Gurista: Executor/Pithatis Assaulter) /
4 x Battleship (Blood Raider: Monsignor) / 3 x (Battleship Gurista:) 1x Pith Exterminator, 3x Pith Eliminator (Heavy Jamming) Jam range 100km+


2 x cruiser (Corpum Arch Priest)
1 x cruiser (Corpum Arch Sage)
1 x cruiser (Corpum Shadow Sage)
1 x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal)
3 x Battleship (Corpus Monsignor)

The Gurista battleships will do a heavy amount of jamming (jamming can render you completely unable to target, countermeasures or bastion is highly advised!). Anire Scarlet is flying an Absolution and does heavy EM/Thermal damage. She will run into the next pocket if attacked or ignored for 10 minutes.

This room will clear and respawn a new group upon exiting (does not respawn every time).
With better SPs/tier, makes bounty-farming lucrative. (Read more below.) + Salvage possible.

Pocket 3

Acceleration gate is not locked and 19 KM away from warp-in.

Group 1 (Auto-aggro): (27 KM)

1 x Named Battlecruiser (Anire Scarlet) Heavy EM/Thermal

Again, Anire Scarlet does high EM/Thermal damage and runs away to the next pocket.

Group 2 (Auto-aggro): (31-33 KM)

3 x Frigate (Serpentis)
4 x Battleship (Gurista- Pith Conquistador)
5 x Cruiser (Gurista: Pithum Silencer)
6 x Battleship (Serpentis: Core Port Admiral/Core Rear Admiral)

Last ship or battleship killed spawns final group. Note: Spawn group may aggro drones. Pull your drones in before triggering it.

Spawn 1 (Auto-aggro): (35 KM)

4 x Battleship (Gurista: Pith Eliminator/Pith Extinguisher) (Eliminator: Heavy Sensor Dampening)
3 Battleship (Serpentis: Core Flotilla Admiral/Core Vice Admiral) (Heavy Sensor Dampening)

There's a chance that if you have a friend warp into the room after the spawn appears, the spawn will disappear and a new spawn of 6 BS and 6 cruisers will appear.
There's also a chance that this spawn [Group 2] will appear if you warp out and back after killing Spawn 1, AND that it will be followed by a second Spawn 1.

If you can kill Scarlet before she warps off to the next gate and before reaching the final room, she will drop an implant (usually a Social Adaptation Chip - Basic, worth approximately 10m ISK).

Pocket 4

Group 1 (Auto-aggro): (55 KM)

2 x Elite Frigate (Gurista: /Dire Pithi Imputor/) (Web)
3 x Elite Cruiser (Gurista: /Dire Pithum Abolisher/Dire Pithum Annihilator/) (Jamming)
4 x Battlecruiser (Gurista: Enforcer/Executor)

or there's a chance to spawn angel counterparts.

Group 2 (Auto-aggro): (70-80 KM)

1 x Named Battlecruiser (Anire Scarlet) Heavy EM/Thermal
1 x Angel Heavy Missile Battery
1 x Blood Heavy Missile Battery
1 x Guristas Cruise Missile Batteries [sic] Heavy Kinetic
1 x Serpentis Cruise Missile Battery Heavy Thermal

Group 3 (Auto-aggro): (100 KM)

4 x Battlecruiser (Serpentis: Corelatis Squad Leader/Corelatis Wing Leader)
4 x Battleship (Serpentis: Core Baron/Core Commodore)

Despite Anire Scarlet's 5 million ISK bounty and being mission completion trigger, she is no better tanked than any battlecruiser and is very easy to kill. 0-2 T1 modules in her wreck, nothing special. Last ship killed spawns next group.

Again, spawns may target drones. Keep close watch on them; they trend to go after the sentry turrets if left on auto.

Spawn 1

4 x Battleship (Serpentis: Core Port Admiral/Core Rear Admiral)
4 x Battleship (Blood Raiders: Corpus Oracle/Apostle)

Last ship killed spawns next group. They spawn above Scarlet's Station, so if you're in a slow boat, keep the station in range.
There's a chance that if you have a friend warp into the room after the spawn appears, the spawn will disappear and a new spawn of multiple BS and BC will appear.
If you warp off after Spawn 1 has appeared but before Spawn 2, there's a chance that the Group 1 [Angels or Guristas] you did NOT just kill will spawn in addition to Spawn 1.

Spawn 2

5 x Battleship (Serpentis: Core Grand Admiral/Core High Admiral)
5 x Battleship (Blood Raiders: Corpus Cardinal/Corpus Patriarch)

Spawn 2 does a ton of incoming damage (compared to all previous spawns in this mission), so be full on cap and hp before triggering it.

Scarlet's Station is extremely well-tanked (~500,000 HP) and has at least a chance to drop ammo.

Final notes: It appears there is either two or more specific versions of the race combinations for this mission. One person reports a primary mixture of Blood Raider/Gurista, while I mostly encountered Serpentis/Gurista (never saw a Blood Raider). While I tried to add his non-detailed findings to this page, most of this applies to the version I received. While this mission can be done solo in a Drake (this is what I used) or a Scorpion Navy Issue (used by Roper), be prepared to omni tank and bring along omni damage if you can; you will be fighting a mixture of Angel, Blood Raider, Gurista, and Serpentis.

for Mission farmers In the last room, either FOF missiles or drones, if used because of jamming from Gurista Nullifers, will kill Scarlet; thus completing the mission.


You will get this mission a lot. Make sure you always keep one Gate Key for future use; it will not be consumed. Pocket 1 is the only locked gate.

My advice is to use an afterburner, gun through each pocket, and pop maybe one high value BS per pocket. Pop Anire in the last pocket for 5mil, and head home. That's 10-11mil for maybe 15 minutes' work.

Normally, on a mission with this many BS spawns, you would want to clear and salvage, but the mission is bugged. Head back with your Noctis for salvage and you'll almost always find an erratic respawn in one or more of the pockets, making salvage extremely time inefficient. (Confirmed, Dec 3 2011 Crucible)


8 Veldspar asteroids pocket 1


Mission Reward + Bonus ~ 3.4 Mil
Bounty ~ 29 Mil

Note: This mission provides a fantastic farming opportunity due to the respawns. A marauder can clear a room, warp out, come back, and repeat, and vastly increase the bounties, salvage, and number of Gate Keys on this mission.
note confirmed: 2nd pocket had respawns; killed the respawns while an alt account is salvaging upped the total bounty to 42 Mil in this particular case.


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