Dread Pirate Scarlet, Level 4

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Faction: Angel, Blood Raider, Guristas and Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal Space
Damage Dealt: Varies with Faction (Omni Tank), EM/ Thermal from Anire Scarlet
Webifier/ Warp Disruptor: Frigates (last pocket)
Extra: ECM, Dampener, Target Painter
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive (Angel Cartel), Kinetic/ Thermal (Guristas & Serpentis), EM (Blood Raiders)
Recommended ship: Drake, Battleship, Rattlesnake
Video: Ishtar (Blitz) Raven Navy Issue

Bring an extra Gate Key for convenience (and for each Fleet Member that is not warping at the same time).
You may warp to preferred distance to snipe the initial group.
All groups auto aggro. Last Hostile killed triggers the next spawn.
Fitting an extra Sensor Booster with ECCM or Range Script and/ or Signal Amplifier is recommended.
Last Battleship killed drops the Gate Key to unlock the gate. The Key will not be consumed.

Warp In

Single Group (55km)

4x Cruiser (Gistum Liquidator/ Marauder)
5x Battleship (Gist Malakim/ Nephilim/ Warlord) Target Painter
3x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader)
2x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Safeguard) Dampener
4x Battleship (Core Admiral/ High Admiral)

Acceleration gate to next pocket is locked and at 20km.

2nd Pocket

Single Group (45- 60km)

1x Battlecruiser (Anire Scarlet) Attack draws pocket aggro
5x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Enforcer/ Death Dealer/ Revolter/ Assasin/ Executor/ Assaulter)
4x Battleship (Pith Exterminator/ Eliminator) ECM
4x Elite Cruiser (Corpum Arch Priest/ Sage/ Shadow Sage/ Dark Priest)
4x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Monsignor)

Acceleration gate to next pocket is at 29km.

3rd Pocket

1st Group (27km)

1x Battlecruiser (Anire Scarlet)

2nd Group (20- 33km)

3x Destroyer (Corelior Artillery/ Cannoneer)
4x Battleship (Pith Conquistador/ Massacrer)
5x Cruiser (Pithum Silencer)
6x Battleship (Core Port Admiral/ Rear Admiral)

Single Spawn (20- 35km)

4x Battleship (Pith Eliminator/ Extinguisher) ECM
3x Battleship (Core Flotilla Admiral/ Vice Admiral) Dampener

Acceleration gate to next pocket is at 19km.

4th Pocket

1st Group (55- 62km)

2x Elite Frigate (Arch Gistii Rogue/ Hijacker) Warp Disruptor
4x Elite Cruiser (Arch Gistum Breaker/ Liquidator/ Defeater)
3x Battlecruiser (Gistatis Primus/ Tribuni)
2x Elite Frigate (Dire Pithi Imputor) Webifier
3x Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum Abolisher/ Annihilator) ECM
4x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Enforcer/ Executor)

2nd Group (70- 84km)

1x Battlecruiser (Anire Scarlet)
1x Angel Heavy Missile Battery
1x Blood Heavy Missile Battery
1x Guristas Cruise Missile Battery
1x Serpentis Cruise Missile Battery

3rd Group (98- 112km)

4x Battlecruiser (Corpatis Bishop/ Seer)
4x Battleship (Corpus Archon/ Prophet) Trigger
4x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Wing Leader)
4x Battleship (Core Baron/ Commodore) Trigger

1st Spawn (80- 105km, Scarlet's Station)

4x Battleship (Corpus Oracle/ Apostle)
4x Battleship (Core Port Admiral/ Rear Admiral)

2nd Spawn (95- 106km)

5x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Patriarch)
5x Battleship (Core Grand Admiral/ High Admiral)

Bring a Gate Key and use the gate.
Use an afterburner, burn through each pocket, and pop maybe one high value BS per pocket.
Kill Anire Scarlet in the last pocket for 5 mil, and head home. That's 10 to 11 mil for maybe 15 minutes play.

Anire Scarlet is flying an Absolution and does heavy EM/ Thermal damage. Attack her first to reduce incoming damage.

Scarlet's Station is extremely well-tanked (~500,000 HP) and may drop random ammo (not worth the time).

1st Pocket: Veldspar (8) asteroids (40- 56km).

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~12- 16mil
Bounty: ~29.7 Mil

Additional Information
As of Aug 2014 there are no re-spawn, so no farming.
This is an omni tank and damage mission, so fit accordingly.
You may warp to a fleet member directly in any pocket, but cannot warp directly to any of the previous pockets.
Despite Anire Scarlet's 5 million ISK bounty and being the mission completion trigger, she is no better tanked than any Battlecruiser and is very easy to kill.
Keep an eye on your Drones, they tend to go after the Sentry Towers (4th pocket) if set to aggressive.
The 2nd Spawn (4th pocket) deals high incoming damage (compared to all previous spawns in this mission), so be full on cap and hp before triggering it.
In my version the 2nd spawn was so far away (102- 108km) that I sniped most of the ships before they could cause much damage.
In the 3rd Pocket, the spawn is of the same faction as the initial spawn's Battleships.
In the 4th Pocket, the spawn's faction is based on the 1st group's faction, if Guristas, then the spawn will be Blood Raider, if Angels then Serpentis.

Comments [Hide comments/form]
I've found little to no information on this mission so I thought I'd add my somewhat poor notes to get things started and help a bit if possible.

first of all you will meet Angels, Guristas, Serpentis, and Blood Raiders. So, an Omni tank and lots of ammo are required.
I flew this mission in a Scorpion Navy issue with Large booster, 2x booster amps, 1 Kin, 1 Exp, and 1 therm hardener and 1 invul field. all T2. The extra mid slot was a target painter. I had no problems tanking the mission, but I think less of a tank would have had to bail. My Raven Navy would surely have had to lose the target painter to make it. If I were to get this mission again I may swap the therm for another invul as there is more EM dmg than I anticipated.
initially you warp to a guarded gate. There is a group of cruisers and BS's there, the last of which drops a gate key. The group I got initially was Serpentis. 4x cruisers and 5x BS's. After they were cleared I was over 70km from the gate key container so I warped out and back to get closer. Upon which a similar group of Angels spawned. As far as I can tell warping out causes the respawn. There were also 4x cruisers and 5x BS's. After they were down I picked up both keys and jumped through. Neither key was consumed.
In the second pocket I found a group of Blood raiders. Also cruisers and BS's.
In the third pocket, there were 3x serpentis frigates and 4x guristas BS's. The last BS killed spawned another 4x guristas BS's.
In the fourth pocket you find the mission objective, who has been jumping ahead as you progress. I killed her first and got a mission complete. Additionally there are Blood Raider and Guristas cruisers and BS's, in addition to 1ea. Angel, Guristas, Serpentis, and Blood heavy and cruise missile batteries. After all these are cleared another spawn of 4x Blood BS's appeared and after that I got another 4x Blood BS's.
...and that was all.
Overall a very cool mission with over 36 mil isk bounties. With loot and salvage I made over 50 mil.
hugs and kisses, Roper
-- RoperKlax (2011-09-24 13:22:34)
p.s. I did encounter guristas jamming
-- RoperKlax (2011-09-24 13:43:26)
I got full aggro on the last room after warp-in, was jammed for about 6-7m (Golem sensor strength didn't help I suppose) while being scrammed by 2 frigates. I had 1xInvul II and 1xPhoton Scattering II, Marauders 3x, Gist B-Type X-Large shield booster+Shield Boost Amp II and 5 crystal implants (all but Omega). I didn't freak out much, but if I were on a Tech 2 fitted Raven, things might not have ended up well. After killing the 2 jamming cruisers (Moa hulls), thing were a little better.
For the last spawn of BSes I was running very low on cap and my shields were down to 40% ish
It was the first time I got this mission, so I'm guessing it's related to standings (I got back to 10.0 with my agent/Caldari Navy after dropping to 9.7 after failing a mission).
Anyway, do come prepared and if you are not used to hard rooms (Angel Extravaganza Bonus), think twice (or just try to blitz the last room). It was also the first time I saw Jamming/Scramming on a mission.
Loot/Salvage/Bounties are on par with similar 40-50m long missions.

As for the factions spawns:
- 1st room: Angel Cartel
- 2nd room: Serpentis then Guristas
- 3rd room: Serpentis then Blood Angels
- 4th room: Guristas, Blood Angels and Blood Angels
-- MrTetsuo (2011-09-29 03:37:33)
Take care of ships following into the 2nd pocket.
There might spawn one group for each ship that enters this pocket after the first activation of the locked gate.

We entered with two BC, one group spawned.
Afterwards two ships jumped in independently and two more groups spawned.

It seems the locked gate can be used like the bonus stage in AE within the 10 seconds after the activation by the char with the gate key.

Loot: 2630 m
-- DarkMissioner (2011-10-02 16:52:10)
I ran this mission in my Navy Scorp, it was a breeze except for the last room (where I encountered some target jammers). But thankfully in the last room there appeared to be very little or no drone aggro (just because it didn't happen to me doesn't mean it's not possible i guess).

This mission is CRAZY for bounties in ways AE never will be though. I warped through all of the mission rooms 3-4 times because I wanted to test the spawns in every room to see exactly how it worked. From what I could tell the Cruisers/battleships in room 1 will respawn any time there is not a ship actively in the room (my friend was coming to salvage the mission while i was going through it and I had barely left the first room before he got there and saw the spawns).
I didn't encounter any respawns after that until the last room where it respawned everything except the ECM group (thank god) and it was in chain form so it wasn't hard at all. Three straight spawns of nothing but good bounties (might have been 4 actually I can't remember)

My verdict on this mission is that if you can hold an omnitank and switch damage types on the fly (caldari missile boats rock for this) then this is the perfect mission to harvest isk. In my little run through's combined with my friends salvage we made a total of 80mil in bout an hour. Considering the respawns are all of the easy targets (mostly battleships worth 880k-1.2m) it makes this mission perfect for plowing over and over and over again.

I have just now gotten this mission again and will post any new found results tomorrow.
-- BravoEchoNovember (2011-10-05 04:34:52)
I've run this mission twice and the only problems that I've had is with jamming in the second pocket. Even with 2x Backup Ladar Array II (which gives me 44 points of sensor strength) I have a hell of a time getting through the 3 Pithum Exterminators in that room. It takes me as long to do that room as the rest of the mission does, as I'm nearly constantly jammed. I'm not sure what else I can do to boost my sensor strength enough - I've also tried with Sensor Booster IIs to no effect.

Bounties do rock, in the range of 30M if you run it once - going to have to try the chain.
-- TidUrious (2011-10-05 20:26:32)
In Pocket 3 where Scarlet jumps out at the gate after you fire at her, I've found a container with a Social Adaption Chip - Basic.
-- Cobr4 (2011-10-08 16:03:04)
i have just completed this mission in a pretty standard passive drake with mids as so

1x invuln
2x lse
1x pithum c type explosive hardner
1x pithum c type kinetic hardner
1x republic fleet 10nm ab

apart from nearly 15 mins of perma jam in the 2nd room i had no problem completing this with shields never below 60%, i do however have maxed shield skills, i also used exclusively scourge fury heavies and t2 hobs regardless of rat type with no problems.
-- OovarvU (2011-10-09 12:38:55)
Done with a Maelstrom. Pocket two is a pain with the Jamming. Needed to fit a 2 Ladar Backup Array II's and a Ladar ECCM to fend off the jamming. Could probably do it with 2 ECCM's and 1 backup Array but whatever gets the job done. I had 74.3 points of Ladar...was jammed only once when I was tagged teamed.

If you plan to Solo this mission, plan for some ECM countermeasures in Room 2 or come equiped with heavy Drones...5 Hammerhead II's were not enough to take the Battleships down (I have decent drone skills, maybe maxed skills could do it)

Everything else is a walk in the park. If you want to make some good money, leave Scarlet be in the last gate and replay this mission every day until the last day when it expires. Also warp out of pocket 1 and back in...sometimes you get another squadron of ships to kill. You can make 15 mil in the first pocket alone after salvaging, loot and bounties if you get both groups.

One of the best money making LVL 4 missions I've encountered (second to Smash the Supplier mission which was worth 61 mil in bounties, loot & salvage).
-- MajesticIX (2011-10-10 15:58:47)
I've done this mission twice now. First time through the 4 pockets I drew Serpentis->Guristas->Guristas->BloodRaiders+Guristas. Second time I drew Angels->Guristas->Guristas->BloodRaiders+Angels.

Omni tanked my CNR as follows:

Invuln II
Photon II
Ballistic II
Heat II
CN Boost Amp
CN X-Large Booster

Gravimetric Backup Array II
CN BCS x 3

You get 70% omni resists with the above tank, plus some anti-jam for the Guristas.

Bounties: 30m+
Rewards+Salvage: ~7m
-- EzekielPrellus (2011-10-14 18:56:28)
the first room doesn't seem so farmable as all that. The first room hasn't respawned for me and I not only warped out, but went to bed :) We'll see what happens after shutdown I guess...
-- DayitaAngelis (2011-10-15 03:54:14)
OK, so this is how it went down for my first run through this very odd mission.

I fly a machariel. My alt normally follows closely in a noctis for clean up after I've cleared a room, or taken all the agro. He also flies a cane with a warfare link and he has some pretty decent boosts if I feel I need some backup. Just in case the ECM in room 2 was too annoying I got him to bring his cane.

I mopped up the first room, grabbed the key, warped out and back in to get the second spawn and then brought in my alt so he could grab the second key. How thoughtful of of the mission designer to make 2 keys available for me to use instead of having to buy one. I went into room 2 to get the agro and targeted the battleships and alpha'd the first locked target before I realized I saw only blood raiders; no guristas and therefore no ecm. I guess when I read the mission report for room 2 all I saw was "Guirsta" and "ECM", but I checked and sure enough it does say Blood/Guirista. I proceeded to take down the next couple of battleships while my alt followed me in. At the exact moment my alt showed up in the room, what was left of the blood raiders (all the BC's and 1 BS) disappeared and guristas showed up in their place! I only had 1 cycle worth of ECM, so it was easy enough to kill the aledged jammer battleships.

After dealing with the jammers, my alt went back for his noctis to start salvaging room 1 while I finished cleaning up room 2. I activated the gate to room 3 and then had my noctis flying alt warp to me (I didn't bookmark room 1, why would I?). So as I was blowing up ships in room 3, my alt was cleaning up what I had though was room 1, although for some reason it seemed there weren't enough wrecks. He was done cleaning up before I was done making the mess in room 3 so I had him activate the gate I thought was leading to room 2! He warped into room 3 which I was still working on. The re-spawn had just appeared at about the same time, and they agro'd my poorly tanked alt's noctis instead of my supremely well tanked machariel, so I warped him out. I killed the spawn, and when I warped my alt to me, he came directly to room 3 and not the initial gate as is normal for any other mission!!!!

This is very odd behavior. After clearing up the final room, I warped away and then back to the first room of the mission. After my alt cleaned up the wreckage in the final room I tried something that shouldn't be possible. He warped directly to me! In other-words, directly from the last room to the first room! That can't happen in any other mission as far as I know. So basically the rooms are not treated like deadspace pockets, and you can warp directly to any room you like if you have a fleet member there to warp to, or a bookmark for the room!
-- TandemRunner (2011-10-16 03:34:03)
since my last post I've run this mission 3 or 4 times and every single time has been very different. something to look out for though for sure would be when the gurista group spawns in room 2. If they are the ones there you should prepare to be ECM'd hardcore.
In my Navy scorp I was quite literally in that room being ECM'd almost constantly for a half an hour (I'm too lazy to go get F.O.F's and thats about how long it takes for drones to mop up the small stuff and getting in a lucky cruise missile here and there).
One good thing I noticed was that there was no drone aggro, so if you got a good tank don't panic.
Would definitely suggest taking out those battleships first though, if you can even get rid of of one before the ECM starts then it won't be as bad and less likely to chain up.
-- BravoEchoNovember (2011-10-18 11:02:25)
I just finished this mission a second time and although pretty much everything is identical to what I reported when I made the page, a few spawns were different.

In room 2, Blood Raiders were my initial group:
4 x Corpum Arch Sage cruiser
4 x Corpus Cardinal battleship

In room 3:
2 x Corelior Artillery Serpentis destroyer
1 x Corelior Cannoneer Serpentis destroyer
3 x Pith Massacrer
1 x Pith Conquistador battleship

My spawn for room 3 was:
3 x Pith Extinguisher
1 x Pith Eliminator

Jamming was far less than the first time I did this.
-- BulabaJones (2011-10-18 17:42:30)
I did both Dread Pirate Scarlets for the same Caldari corporation. It's possible that the majority NPC in the mission is dependent on which faction you do the mission for (both times I did it, despite the variation of exact spawns, it was overwhelmingly Serpentis/Guristas I fought), but there is no exact set of spawns.

Again: the spawns seem to always vary.
-- BulabaJones (2011-10-18 17:46:21)
One last thing to add, both times I've done this mission I haven't gotten an implant container or implant. Both times the named battlecruiser, Adire, had no loot. Perhaps this is one of those missions with a very low chance of Adire dropping an implant container/implant loot?
-- BulabaJones (2011-10-18 19:01:40)
You can warp directly to any pocket where you've dropped a bookmark. So if you need to warp out to change shields to match the enemy (which changed in the two times I've run this so far), you don't need to go back through all the gates. In my CNR, I came back 100 km from the bookmark and sniped them from long distance.
-- CryptoMaven (2011-10-21 22:04:39)
3 times through this mission and I have yet to be able to get the first room to re-spawn on warp out/in... also each time I have had the +3 drop.
-- EretihShadowfighter (2011-10-28 16:08:22)
I ran this in an ishtar, passive tanked, with a photon and an invuln. I was able to snipe the mission target in pocket 3 with 3 shots from gardes without turning on my main gun, and she dropped a +3 social. I did room 4 to see the variance and had more Corpus Apostles spawn than anything else.
-- KismetEer (2011-11-08 12:05:40)
I've had this mission about 4 times now. It would appear to have been "fixed". I cannot kill Scarlet as she gates off as soon as missiles are fired. I have also never had any room respawns or implants dropped.
I am also seeing only Geuristas and Serpentis ( missions are in Tash Murkon )
A fleet member jumping into Pocket 4 causes as single spawn as already described.
You can still freely warp around the mission and within the pockets.
-- WychNor (2011-11-13 12:44:28)
There is a 3rd spawn in the final pocket, probably upon warp out, I've run the mission several times and seen this... I've found the respawns in general make full salvage of this mission a nuisance unless you have a Marauder. You could fit salvage gear to something else I guess but really not ideal given the ~15-20km distance to each gate, you want a proper salvage rig... so while the bounty is good on this mission it can be time inefficient, dealing with respawns, warps and occasionally forgetting the stupid gate key!
-- EsRoighal (2011-11-16 09:44:59)
But having said that, the fact you can keep juicing the mission for bounty and salvage is essentially good. Just be warned if you're on an LP grind!
-- EsRoighal (2011-11-16 09:46:36)
T2, Passive Drake.
P1 Serpentis,
P2 Blood Raiders,
P3 Guristas,
P4 Guristas/Serpentis.
Jamming only in P4 - take some FOFs not worth of loosing slot for sensor backups.
-- ReaveToralen (2011-11-16 16:52:49)
Completed in a Raven (2 invuls II, 1 Photon II). Best idea as said is to stick your nose in each pocket, save a bookmark, dock back in station, get rat specific tank, go back. This doesn't work in all pockets (some like pocket 1 and 4 just summon random rats each time you warp in, so you have to omni tank there or warp back and forth until your tank matches the rats).
-- LolesChech (2011-12-04 20:20:56)
You can kill Scarlet twice for double the bounty (2x 5 million.) I one shotted Anira Scarlet in the 2nd pocket, but the mission wasn't flagged complete. The wreck contained a couple of modules. I then killed her again in the 3rd pocket and the mission was flagged complete. She dropped the implant in a container and the wreck (once again) had a couple of modules.

I used RF EMP ammo. 9348 volley damage for my skills and setup.
2nd pocket: "Your group of 1400mm Carbine Howitzer I hits Anire Scarlet, doing 4500.0 damage."
3rd pocket: "Your group of 1400mm Carbine Howitzer I lightly hits Anire Scarlet, doing 3958.8 damage."

For reference:
A Tengu required two volleys to kill Scarlet, so it takes ~2900 kinetic damage to kill her:
2x "Your group of Scourge Fury Heavy Missile hits Anire Scarlet, doing 1438.1 damage."

IIRC, for RF Plasma ammo it takes ~2600 damage to kill her:
"Your group of 800mm Repeating Artillery II hits Anire Scarlet, doing 2078.4 damage."
"Your group of 800mm Repeating Artillery II hits Anire Scarlet, doing 523.1 damage."
-- StoicFaux (2011-12-18 20:49:04)
Update 27/Dec/2011
The option to warp straight to BM's is still there. (or to a ship in another room).
The re-spawning of room 1 (when you exit then warp in again) appears to have gone. So no more farming :(
EDIT: when farming room 1, make sure all ships have left the mission. also, you may have to wait 90 seconds for it to trigger. This might work.
Room 1 has a glitch (still) when another ship warps in; all the existing NPC'S disappeared and a completely new spawn took its place, despite the first group and I mutually shooting at the time!
So, still a wierd mission with at least 1 glitch
-- QuasaraByss (2011-12-29 02:50:07)
Normally I have refused this mission. But I have gotten it 4 times in a row from 4 agents. 2 caldari agents in the same station. So it's been a while since I tried to solo a new lvl4 to add to the list of doable missions. So I risked my Navy Megathron. This mission turned out to be moderately easy but very time consuming waiting for the sensor jammers to cycle down. I used T1 Wasps, 425mm prototype guass guns, large armor rep, passive armor hardeners. One for all resistances and one of each dmg type except em. The rest was Mag Stabs. I believe in the mission report it said you get the implant if you kill her in room 3. I only got 2 shots off before she warped. If I would have gotten one more off, I would have gotten the implant I guess. Killing her in the last room, I didn't get the implant.
-- Dethbringer1 (2012-01-11 06:24:02)
Did the mission again in my navy megathron. This time I bought some faction ammo from the lp store to try my best to take out the pirate before it warps. It took 3 shots in the 3rd pocket and I managed to get them off before it warped. I did get the implant in the 3rd room. The previous mission I killed the pirate in the 4th room and got no implant. Unfortunately I forgot to reload my cargo with ammo and ran out so didnt kill everything in the last pocket. :(
-- Dethbringer1 (2012-01-12 07:19:46)
Is there any way to reliably get/prevent the double spawns in rooms three and four? I've been doing this in a fleet in Amarr space and I've noticed I mostly get Serpentis BSs + Guristas Cruisers/BCs in rooms 3/4.

On occasion, I'll get Serpentis Destroyers + Blood BSs in room 3. When this happens and I warp-in my salvager (after combat), it'll trigger the Serpentis/Guristas spawns in room 3. This pattern will also follow in room 4.

Anyone else seen this behaviour and know of a way to trigger or prevent it from ahppening?
-- SmokeLuvr1971 (2012-01-15 03:13:10)
Wanted to add BLITZ info for beginners (skills in the III-IV range):

1st attempt (resulted in warp-out):
Photon II
Heat II
Kinetic II
Amplifier I
100MN Exp. Afterbuner I

Tanked fine against the Guristas and Serpentis, was getting melted by Blood.

Then tried a passive-tanked Drake:
Invuln II
Kinetic II
Photon II
10MN Exp. Afterburner I

I was able to pick off the cruisers as I flew to the gates (already had a gate key for the first gate). Hit Scarlet first to get her to warp out. Got to 4th pocket and popped Scarlet extremely quickly using normal kin heavy missiles, turned and warped out before scram frigs could catch up. Took roughly 7 min.

WARNING: If you warp out, the packs will respawn and potentially be different than the ones you encountered before. This is especially aggravating with the Gurista pack that has 3x jamming battleships.
-- CaptainLynonidas (2012-01-29 14:18:34)
If you saved the key from a previous time through this mission, you can blitz past the first group of ships as well. The gate isn't really locked, you just need the key, and the key is *not* consumed by use.
-- RedPossum (2012-02-03 14:09:25)
spawn 3 in pocket 4 after i got back in noctis (with a friend guarding me) - something like 4 frigates + 6 cruisers

easy in dominix
-- KartofiusAlAndalus (2012-04-01 11:15:26)
This is my favorite mish, a couple reasons. 1. You really never know what you will get, 2 of my mates and I made about 74mil(bounties) once from respawns, but only once. 2. It is a great farming mish, would love more respawns and do this mish all day long...lol. But today I leave this comment because I lost my Noctis in this mish. I recommend that u always have a guard with you when u salvage in a noctis. I made sure to clear everyroom twice at least, meaning I flew through the whole mission twice. Wen and grabbed me noctis, salvaged all the first 3 rooms. Got to the last room and there was a spawn, they locked me b4 i could get out and warp scrammed my ship. Well I obviously lost it..sad day! So becareful...this mish is full of suprizes, and the spawn was only cruisers and frigs no bs's.
-- TitusM (2012-04-01 12:32:00)
after the Escalation patch of 26 April, 2012 the total volume of loot in this mission is down to about 600 m3. Recommend doing it in a Marauder -- powerful tank and easy cleanup.
-- BuilderAlphaOne (2012-04-26 17:17:59)
The endless respawns seem to have been fixed now and, Once you have killed Scarlet the mission will not respawn after downtime so no more farming it that way. Once it is marked 'mission complete' it will stay that way.
So the mission is now 'fixed' or 'nerfed' depending on your point of view :)
-- QuasaraByss (2012-05-15 23:16:05)
Well apparently you can get Blood Radiers as well O_o
-- Matthew97 (2012-09-12 13:39:40)
To blitz this mission fit a warp disruptor and a sensor booster in a teck 3 cruiser and kill Scarlet in the first pocket. A well fitted HAC can also do the job.
-- KissyKiller (2012-10-06 20:38:24)
I confirm bug after cleaning everything returned to Savege reappeared other three groups at the end of the mission the total baunt be for me 60 mil + reward mission
done in Megathron navy iss and fitted warp disruptor II
-- CesareM (2012-11-23 11:13:45)
Mission Ship: Scorpion Navy Issue
Omni Tank: 1014 (cap stabble, lazy fittings.)
Cruise Missles: 400ps - 130km range.
Drones: 5*Hobgoblin II - 78Dps

(low damage lazy farm ship, aggro full rooms.)

Salvage Ship: Noctis
High slots: 4*Small Tractor Beam I
High slots: 4*Salvager I
Mid slots: Experimental 10MN Afterburner I
Mid slots: Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
Low Slots: 3* Expanded Cargohold II
Rigs: 3* Medium Salvage Tackle I
Cargohold: 3.000m3 +-

Tractor Beam Range: 80km
Mission: Dread Pirate Scarlet
Mission Time: 92 Minits
Mission LP/Bounty/Reward: 4089LP - 32.3M

Salvage Time: 21 Minits
Salvage Value: 17M
-- BasBoshoven (2013-02-23 17:34:28)
Kinda blitzed

1st pocket (warp in) killed everything
2nd pocket, 1 volley at anire move to next room as she runs (did not use a disruptor)
3rd pocket, swapped ammo for max dps lock anire straight away 2 volleys and she is dead loot the +3 implant and leave.

Note: I have only ever gotten a +3 Charisma implant from anire, now have 8 of them where i mission
-- ReaveR894 (2013-04-17 14:49:52)
26 April 2013 - Retribution 1.1
You can bookmark the distant gate in each pocket as you enter the pocket, warp out, warp to zero on gate BM, you can also warp from BM to BM in any order and not trigger a respawn. If you do this fast enough in the last but one pocket you can catch Scarlett with her pants down. A quick 'point' will guarantee the implant and finish the mission.

Zeru out.
-- PteroptoDidus (2013-04-26 04:09:39)
blitzed in a tengu, total ammo used 6 t1 scourge heavy, 18 t2 scourge heavy.

Method: Keep the gate key from when you run this mission a previous time, got straght to pocket 2, fire 1 volley at anire and got to pocket 3, target anire and kill her when you enter pocket 3, (took 3 volleys of t2 heavies for me, might be able to do it with t1 but the implant is worth a few t2 missiles) loot implant and leave.

took me 6 minutes from accepting to completion, 5m bounty for anire, 3.8 in mission rewards and bout 9m for the implant 17m odd in 6 minutes cant be complained about for a highsec level 4.
-- ReaveR894 (2013-05-11 09:26:42)
Killed station today. Took three cycles of Republic Fleet Phased plama at optimal range with 1400mm arty. Nothing dropped. Complete waste of ammo.
-- CmdrTarlton (2013-06-09 11:26:55)
Before few months i took a break from EvE. Now i'm back and something changed in this mission. In second pocket i have exaggerated amount of jamming to the point i cant even finish targeting a BS (skills on 5) before other one or two BS start jamming me again. I try to jump in with second character to split aggro and ended with both of my BS jammed.
Quote from mission info: "Gurista: Exterminator) (Heavy Jamming) Jam range 100km+" should be changed to "insane jamming" because to be honest "heavy" does not fairly describe the situation. If you are lucky like me you can easy end in 10-15 min of perma jamming and warping out and back in doesnt help at all.
Tested three times; amarr mission/agent, npc's gurista.
-- MadBunny (2013-06-14 17:21:26)
Back to this mission now that I'm less of a noob (still a noob, but less). Blitzing is very quick: 1 shield passive T1 Drake, 1x Invul, 1x EM, 1x Therm, 2x Large Shield Extenders, 1x 10MN MWD (not AB), 3 Shield Power Relays. You will get with 10% cap to last pocket (where you don't need MWD). Jumping from pocket to pocket with a MWD is a matter of seconds.
Now in Odyssey I found no jamming on last pocket, and last pocket was NOT drone safe even after getting full aggro (guess drones were in range of something I wasnt).
-- LolesChech (2013-06-26 19:44:44)
Same as MadBunny. Insane amount of jamming. I used FOF, and cleared them out. But the jamming was absolutely nuts. Went almost 5 minutes at one point between targets. Always carry FOF's if youur in a missile boat.
-- HonAtsugi (2013-07-13 13:25:14)
I can also confirmed what CmdrTarlton sais. The station does not drop any loot.
-- JeroNimax (2013-09-12 03:26:31)
Be ready to change your damage type. For this mission I got all Serpentis/Blood Raider. The Blood Raiders required EM which contradicts the statement at the top about EM/Thermal doing minimal damage. I've edited the page to reflect this.
-- OccamOc (2013-09-12 21:50:06)
Frigates can scramble in last pocket.
-- BearHat (2013-10-06 14:55:35)
Ok, from my last post i did more then 15-20 missions and i can confirm - in case you get "Gurista: Exterminator" in 2nd pocket you MUST use FoF missiles. Not sure what advice to give for turret ships but if you use missiles then for your sake take FoF missiles and be done in few min. Jamming is extremely high and if you dont have alternative way to kill them skip this pocket or you will easily stuck for 20-30+ min. Dont bother to come with 2 ships as the chance to get perma jammed on both ships is almost 100%.
-- MadBunny (2013-10-24 23:59:53)
Using a Warp Disruptor on Anire Scarlet in "Pocket 2" just causes her to disappear. Does not appear to be effective.

I haven't tested using a Warp Disruptor on Anire Scarlet in Pocket 3, as she usually disappears too quickly.

If anyone has used a Warp Disruptor to good effect, can you describe the exact steps or link a demonstration video, please?
-- SeamusDonohue (2013-10-27 22:41:32)
Ran this mission post rubicon:
No jamming ships whatsoever
No respawn when re-warping into the rooms
No loot whasoever in ANY of the structures
Loot totalled [modules=841m3 13mill est] [salvage 3.1m3 8.8mill est]
Bounties came to about 30mill in total
Very crappy quality loot and overall a very time consuming mission
-- CptDiggerdoo (2013-11-29 18:48:53)
Blitz with Gate key and AB works - Killed Anire Scarlet in Pocket 3 - Confirm Damp from Corelum Chief Guard pocket 1 and Jam by Gurista Exterminator pocket 2 .
-- YadoT (2014-01-06 15:19:20)
Severe Jamming in Room #2 and Omni nature of damage makes this a blitz mission ...way too much time required to get through it.
-- ChenParn (2014-02-04 23:58:23)
Edited the Recommended Damage Dealing section for Better Clarity.
-- DragaPvesa (2014-03-05 19:05:32)
Got this mission; no group respawns on any of the rooms after warp out/in. Also, scarlet would warp out of both room 2 and 3 within 5 seconds. Overall, a long, easy mission with a sniper Domi; only trouble i had was in room 3 due to the gurista missile boats, only thing that had the range to get to me (plus i had no wardens so i had to hit them with bouncers).
-- Soapy5 (2014-03-30 02:53:02)
Ended up going thru a couple of times, otherwise 3 hrs including salvage.
Ferox: 5 Hob II, 7x Caldari Navy (CN) 250mm, Blk Eagle Drone Link Aug
CN L Booster, CN Adaptive Invuln Field, Dread Gur Kinetic Field, Therm Field II & a Republic Fleet 10MN AB
Mag Field Stab II, Drone Damage Amp II,Grav Backup Array II & Overdrive Injector Sys II.
-- IcePilot (2014-07-04 20:37:35)
For blitz I tried to fit a point.
It worked.
In the second pocket ( where she is about 30km from you), i overloaded a point and caught her at 24+ km.
I even got a popup message that i caught her and that i should finnish her off now.
When i killed the pirate a can with social adaptation chip basic dropped.
I think this mission is intended for using a warp disruptor and kill her before last pocket.
-- Nish777 (2014-09-25 05:46:13)
I had the first three pockets respawn on me this afternoon. I started the mission before work but could not complete pocket #4.. Came home, warped to mission again, and as I approached the warp gate, they respawned! Seems the timer still exists, but must be hours. The loot was almost non-existent the second time through though.
-- BadGoat (2015-06-05 13:47:42)
First time I recall doing this missions. Station dropped absolutely nothing, not even a can with a single metal scrap. Pathetic.
Anire Scarlet dropped normal cruiser loot (in other words, junk).

Can NOT fly directly to a member in a pocket. Tried repeatedly. Had to warp the toon with the gate key out, warp back with my salvager toon to the first room, both activate gate within a few seconds of each other (gate key holder first of course) and then slow boat to the each gate after that. Once though the gate between the 1st and 2nd rooms the rest were unlocked.
-- InfiniteDestruction (2015-10-22 05:53:48)
2nd time I've done this one now and again, the station didn't drop a single thing and Anire Scarlett only had a single metal scrap and a meta 1 mod.

But the bounties add up to near 30 mil plus the 2 mil for the mission and bonus, and another 15.3 mil in scraps/loot.
(This time our salvager had his own gate key so we didn't have any issues moving from room to room.)
-- InfiniteDestruction (2015-10-24 03:48:56)
Confirmed. Normal space warp into other pockets is no longer possible. Probably removed with anti-farming change in 2014. Intentionally making it hard to salvage with second toon while mission is ongoing.

In fact without a key card for each fleet member you must complete mission solo. Unless there is a 10 second open window like for rat tag keys to Extravangza bonus rooms. Didn't try that so IDK.

So make sure to BM each room for later salvage. Or swap to salvage ship while mission is ongoing (horribly inefficient due to gate travel distances).
-- FlameOut (2016-04-04 12:44:00)
Confirm - There is a 10 second window for fleet members on gate activation
-- YadoT (2016-09-16 04:15:30)
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