Jennvanaa Sallen's Mission Ships

The Dual 250 rails are used to get aggro and do a little extra damage to speed the missions along. Even though the NOS does not affect rats, it helps the Cap. Sentries hit well to over 80km. Medium drones rip apart the frigates. I only use the Heavy Drones if there is a close orbiting tank (such as a Mach)

This Drake setup works well for me. I have used it for untold numbers of Level 3 and many Level 4 missions. In Level 4 missions, aggro management is key. Light Drones kill the frigates easily while Heavy missiles hit to about 55km (EFT says 63km, but my experience is a bit lower). Invulnerability Fields mean less resistance, but also mean less swapping for specific damage types. I have often swapped one Invuln for a specific rat damage type as well. I have completed WC (Angel v Sansha) with this setup, but it takes a very long time.

The Classic Raven. Nothing fancy like a CNR.

The above are ships are Jenn's actual mission fittings. Not to be confused with Ratting Ship.

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