An Advantageous Catastrophe, Level 4

Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Scrambling/Webbing/Damping: Support Frigates, Federation Matara, Elite Federation Manica, Federation Libertus
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/Kin
Recommended Ship Classes: Battleship, Command Ship, T3

Single Pocket

No aggro at warp-in.
Note: Bookmarking and warp to distance of bookmark allowed. If warp out after starting mission, will auto-aggro when warp to bookmark.

Group 1 (40km)

4x Frigates (Federation Libertus, Manica)
3x Destroyers (Federation Arcus, Pelekus) Trigger (last killed)

Wave 1 (40-50km)

3x Frigate (Elite Federation Manica/Libertus) Web/Scramble
8x Destroyers (Federation Pelekus/Arcus)
3x Battlecruisers (Federation Praktor Auxilia)
5x Battleships (Federation Covinus/Navis Longa/Praeses/Hexeris/Praktor Navis Praetoria) Dampening Federation Praktor Navis Praetoria
(Hexeris orbit at 50-55km) / (Hexeris optimal damage range 45km)
Killing random BS triggers wave 2
Killing last BS from wave 1 triggers wave 3
Killing Federation Praktor Navis Praetoria incurs a -0.02% standing loss.

Wave 2 (20km)

3x Frigate (Elite Federation Matara) Dampening
4x Battlecruisers (Federation Praktor Arx/Bearcus/Quadrier)
3x Battleships (Federation Praktor Phanix, Praktor Magister) Last killed triggers mission complete

Wave 3 (60km)

2x Frigates (Elite Federation Manica/Libertus) Web/Scramble
4x Cruisers (Elite Federation Mentes/Quadrieis)
3x Battleships (Federation Praktor Magister/Phanix)

You should be able to kill all of the webbing and scrambling Elite Federation Manicas before they reach webbing range.
You might need to focus on the Federation Mataras first because they will dampen you.
This mission was easily done in an active tanked Tengu.

Kill all Destroyers upon warp-in (spawns wave 1).
Kill all BS until wave 3 spawns.
Kill all BS from wave 3.

Example of tag loot:
6x Federation Navy Fleet Captain Insignia I
1x Federation Navy Fleet Colonel Insignia I
10 Federation Navy Fleet Colonel Insignia II
23 Federation Navy Fleet Major Insignia I
4x Federation Navy Fleet Midshipman Insignia I
8x Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant Insignia I
8x Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant Insignia II
3x Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant Insignia III

Loot and salvage seems worth the 5 minutes to me.
1.4m salvage
15m Tags
2.6m Loot

Faction Standings
Will incur a -0.02% standing loss with Gallente Federation for "Combat - Ship Kill". This should be safe to run unless your standings with the Gallente are already just barely above -2.

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