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Anarchy - Burning Need (1 of 3)

Background:This seem-likely insane agent is waiting for her companion to send him some Tri-Vitoc. The Tri-Vitoc is an offshoot of the infamous Vitoc drug used by the Amarrians to control their most precious slaves. Yet, Tri-Vitoc is not an Amarrian design, but a Gallentean one, a futile attempt at developing an antidote for Vitoc. And for now, Tri-Vitoc seems to be some band drugs. While she finds out you are not the delivery man, she asks you to pick some Tri-Vitoc for him.

Courier Mission. Pick up the goods from a station in Eystur and give it back to the agent to complete the mission.

Anarchy - Home Sweet Home (2 of 3)

Background:After taking the drug, the agent tells you that her job is to hunt down the pirates in this constellation since she believed it to be her home, her territory. Also she mentioned her fanaticism in collecting ID slices, which is carried by the pirates. She wants you to bring her some to continue the mission.

Trade Mission. Turn in 3 pieces of Sniper ID Slice to complete the mission. According to the mission brief, it'll be most likely to drop from tough cruisers in complexes. Also you can buy it from the contracts, which is normally 1~3mil per slice. You'll be rewarded 1000 medium republic fleet proton ammunition.

Anarchy - Innocence Lost (3 of 3)

Background:The agent is satisfied of your collecting work. She decided to share with you a scheme she plotted - She forged some documents to bait innocent Amarrians to enter Ani, as the documents promise an ideal colony spot. She wants you to kill those innocent people, as a revenge of her ancestors.

Reward: a 3-run BPC of 800mm Heavy 'Jolt' Repeating Artillery I (material level:15, productivity level:6)
or a 3-run BPC of Medium Degenerative Concussion Bomb I (material level:15, productivity level:6)

Encounter Mission.

Warp in you'll find:

1x Amarr Colony Leader (Frigate)
1x Amarr Colony Ship (Battleship)

The battleship will drop the objective. Turn it into the agent to complete the mission.
No loot in the destructable structure.

Standing: The entire mission chain gives you ~10% corporation standing increase.
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