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======Beizan Picholan, Level 1======

=====Part 1 of 6=====

Faction: mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: omni (Mercenaries)
Recommended ship classes: Class 1
Recommended generic setup: close combat.


===Group 1 (4-6km aggro)===
6x Frigate (Security Enforcer)

2x Security Tower - no loot

====Pocket 1====

===Spawn 1 (4-6km aggro)===
2x Frigate (Security Enforcer)

Cargo Rigs, Habitation Modules, Hangars, Rig Reactors, Storage Facilities.
Hangars may contain PI and trade goods (Guidance Systems, Livestock, Water)

Use the gate, grab the certificate from Kelmiler's Warehouse.
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