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Working on: Gallente COSMOS mission chain. Notes:

Level 1 chain:
Starts with Vausitte Yrier in Abenyc (floating in space). Requires requires 0.0 (effective). with Gallente Federation faction. Initial mission to fetch a certificate, if you lost yours from ancient tutorial missions. Then, on to:
- BeizanPicholen1p1 - encounter in Meves (1 jump)
- BeizanPicholen1p2 - courier: 0.1m3 Reports. Pick-up in Jel, return to Lirsautton (2 jumps each way). Reward: FedMart Reports (keep in ship's cargo bay).
- BeizanPicholen1p3 - trade: warp to Lirsautton VI, Moon I. Talk to Mamo Guerre for a sub-mission:
-- ThePlotThickens1p1 - trade: FedMart Reports (from BeizanPicholen1p2)
-- ThePlotThickens1sep2 - encounter: serpentis frigates: 5x Coreli Initiates, 1x Coreli Scout, 2x Coreli Guard. 1x Serpentis Watchtower (no loot). Kill frigates, loot Serpentis Stash for 1 unit of Crash Ultra (mission objective).
-- ThePlotThickens1p3 - courier: 0.2m3 Crash Ultra. Pick-up in Lirsautton at Mamo Guerre, drop off in Jel (2 jumps). Reward: Mamo's Message (completes BeizanPicholen1p3). Note: customs cannot detect the mission drugs, happily.
- BeizanPicholen1sep4 - encounter. Objective: Eilard's corpse. Deadspace. Warp-in: locked gate, 1x Security Enforcer (merc), Structure: Security Outpost (empty). Pocket 1: group 1: 6-8km 5x Frigate (Coreli Initiate), group 2: 8-11km 5x Frigate (5x Initiate), group 3: 8-11km 2x Frigate (2x Coreli Agent). Pocket 2: group 1: 12-16km (aggro) 3x Frigate (2x Coreli Scout, 1x Coreli Initiate). Pocket 3: group 1: 4km (aggro) 2x Frigate (Coreli Safeguard) drops Eilard's Corpse (objective). Structures: Bunker, Lookout Tower (both empty).
- BeizanPicholen1p5 - courier: 0.1m3 Encoded Data Chip. Pickup: Aunia (4 jumps away). Reward: 'Gunslinger' SX-1
- BeizanPicholen1sep6 - encounter (faction standing). Objective: Govarde Alourtine (1.0m3). Warp-in: Group 1 (23km): 5x Security Enforcer (frigates) Group 2: same, other side. Structures: 2x watchtower (empty), Helton Luxury Resort (got all day?). No triggers. Wait for Govarde to spawn, named Frigate (Tristan).
All completed in assault ship, deadspace zones are accessible.

Level 2 chains:
Starts with Mattheu Rochet (Garoun Investment Bank), floating in Inder at the Dream Port beacon. Requires 2.0 (effective) with Gallente Federation.
- FurtheringTheCauseKeepingTabs2p1 - courier: 450m3 of Electronic Parts to Barkrik (2 jumps each way).
- FurtheringTheCauseKeepingTabs2p2 - courier: 360m3 of Small Arms. Pickup: Langgisi (2 jumps from Inder), Drop-off: Nakugard (on the way back).
- FurtheringTheCauseKeepingTabs2p3 - courier: 325m3 of Confiscated Vitoc. Pickup: Barkrik (2 jumps from Inder), drop-off: Langgisi. Faction
(no link to...)
Starts with Pandon Ardillan (The Scope) - Barmalie, floating at The Ebony Tower beacon. Requires 2.0 (effective) with Gallente Federation.
- OnTheTrail2p1 - courier: 1.0m3 Interview Transcripts (specific). Pickup Fluekele (2 jumps away), drop-off back in Barmalie.
- OnTheTrail2p2 - courier: 5.0m3 The Scope Journalist. Pickup Barmalie (at the agent), drop-off in Jolia (1 jump away).
- OnTheTrail2p3 - courier: 2.0m3 Salvaged Data Core (specific). Pickup Parchanier (3 jumps away), drop-off back in Barmalie.
- OnTheTrail2p4 - courier: 1.0m3 Ardillan's Dossier (specific). Pickup Barmalie (at the agent), drop-off in Parchanier (3 jumps away). Faction Rewards FON Strike Scene Evidence (required for next mission).
(leads to...)
Preaux Gallot in Audaerne, Natura Seminary (beacon), 2 jumps away.
- StormBrewing2p1 - courier: hand over the FON Strike Scene Evidence that should still be in your cargo.
- StormBrewing2p2 - courier: 1.0m3 Aggregated FON Evidence (specific). 200k collateral. Pickup at the agent, drop-off at Parchanier (2 jumps away).
- StormBrewing2p3 - courier: 150.0m3 Fedo Blood. 150k collateral. Pickup at Augnais (1 jump), drop-off at Jolia (1 jump, 2 jumps back to agent). Reward: 'Aura' Warp Core Stabilizer 3-run BPC, time bonus: 18k.
- StormBrewing2p4 - courier: 180.0m3 Unassembled Drills. 200k collateral. Pickup at Fluekele (2 jumps), drop-off at Augnais (2 jumps, 1 jump back to agent). Reward: 'Pacifier' Large Remote Armor Repair System I Blueprint 3-run BPC, time bonus: 34k.
- StormBrewing2p5 - trade: 200 Soil (300.0m3). Reward: 27k, time bonus: 21k.
- StormBrewing2p6 - courier: 1.0m3 Suho Tatanal's Investigation Dossier (specific). 380k collateral. Pickup at Parchanier (2 jumps), drop-off back at the agent in Audaerne (2 jumps). Reward: Preaux's Letter (required for next chain), time bonus: 28k. Faction
(leads to...)
Ystvia Lamuette in Barmalie (Ebony Tower beacon), 3 jumps away.
- Uproot2p0 (prologue) - trade: 1 unit of Preaux's Letter (from previous chain). Reward: 172k, time bonus: 194k.
- Uproot2p1 - courier: 4.0m3 Colelian Spider Spruce (specific). Collateral: 250k. Pickup at Deltolle (3 jumps), drop-off back at the agent in Barmalie (3 jumps). Reward: 38k, time bonus (15m): 'Entrepreneur' Remote Sensor Booster I 3-run BPC.
- Uproot2sep2 - encounter: Destroy Serpentis Outpost in Jolia (1 jump away). Reward: 68k, time bonus: 55k. (Deadspace, normal ship restrictions.) 1x Spider Drone (web), 2x Serpentis Sentry Towers, 2x Heavy Missile Battery. (Interceptor didn't work. Assault ship with drones was fine. Bastard spider too fas.)
- Uproot2p3 - encounter: mercenaries. Deadspace. Pocket I: G1: aggro 1x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander), 2x Frigate (Mercenary Fighter). G2: aggro 1x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander), 2x Frigate (Mercenary Fighter). G3 3x Cruiser (FON Cruiser), 4x Frigate (FON Frigate). Kill all ships.
- Uproot2p4 - courier: 1.0m3 Aortal Purifier (specific). Collateral: 400k. Pickup at Audaerne (3 jumps), drop-off: Parchanier (2 jumps, 3 jumps from agent). Reward: 400k. Time bonus (10m): 'Investor' Tracking Disruptor I 3-run BPC.
- Uproot2p5 - courier: 201.2m3 Wheat. Collateral: 15,872. Pickup at agent, drop-off at Fluekele (2 jumps). Reward: 'Marketeer' Tracking Computer 3-run BPC. Time bonus (10m): 12k. Faction
(no lead to...)
Ardoen Dasaner (Roden Shipyards) in Jolia (Grand Future Information Center beacon), 1 jump away.
- TouristRun2p1 - encounter: Deltolle (2 jumps away). Rogue Drones. Deadspace. Warp-in: Pocket 1: Group 1 (4-8km) 1x Web Frigate (Strain Infester Web), 5x Frigate (Raider/Sunder/Infester/Splinter). Group 2: 5x Frigates (Sunder/Decimator) aggro @ 12km. Group 3: 2x Cruiser (Wrecker), 2x Frigate (Splinter/Render) 30km. Group 4: 1x Scrambler Frigate (Strain Decimator) 2x Frigate (Devilfish/Barracuda). Strain is trigger for Group 5: 2x Frigate (Render / Decimator). Group 6: 2x Cruiser (Viral Infector). Group 7: 1x Cruiser (Devastator). Pocket 2 no combat - mission accomplished. (?Locked until rogues are dead?)
- TouristRun2p2 - courier: 2.0m3 of Federal Intelligence Officer (specific). Pickup at Eglennaert, drop-off at agent (12 jump round trip). No collateral. Reward: 'Boss' Remote Sensor Booster I 3-run BPC, time bonus: ISK.
- TouristRun2p3 - courier: 1.0m3 of Data Sheets (specific). Pickup at agent, drop-off at Alentene (10 jumps). Reward: Limited Memory Augmentation Beta. Time bonus (45m) 'Boss' BPC. Faction

Level 3

Start with Nilla Elermare (Roden Shipyards) in Fluekele (Contested Gallente Roden Shipyard beacon). Requires effective standing of 4.0 to access.
- RescueIsoneFlosin3se - Blitz it!
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