Blind Seer

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This four part COSMOS mission will give two COSMOS BPCs and a single Memory Augmentation - Standard. Standings increase will be ~26% for Brutor Tribe corporation and ~6.6% for Minmatar faction. The missions require one trip into low-security space (2 jumps). Items from belt rats and from a public complex in Tarun are required, or can be purchased on contracts (~12M ISK total as of 2014.07.29). BPCs can be very profitable (~75M for 10MN Digital Booster Rockets) or not so much (~6M for Small Degenerative Concussion Bomb I).

Blind Seer - Bones (1 of 4)

Background:Come close, child. I am blind and my cerebro-audial sensors are weak. Still, even so I can sense your inner strength and passion. They match my own. That is good. Very good.

The Ani constellation is a place in turmoil. I can see it as frantic swirl in my mind's eye. This place has become the playground of many great powers, some visible to the eye and some not. Lives are being taken and lives are being thrown away. Right and wrong hold little sway here; anger and hate are the driving forces. This flood of emotions pouring into this melting pot makes it hard for me to perceive the currents of the future. I need to undertake my most potent divinations to pierce this veil of uncertainty and proclaim the great prophecy I feel building within me.

I need your help, [player name]. That is your name, correct? [player name], the asteroid belts here, as everywhere, are infested with pirates and murderers, curs all, worthless dogs who prey on fear and passivity. I need you to bring me a few finger bones collected from pirates around the constellation. Yes, finger bones: I need nine for my divination to hold true.

Trade Mission: Turn in 9 pieces of Finger Bone to complete the mission. They are dropped by belt rats in the Ani constellation. Also you can buy it from the contracts, which is normally 600k-1M ISK per Bone.

Reward: 1 Minmatar COSMOS BPC.
Possible: 1 Medium 'Integrative' Hull Repair Unit Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)
Also possible: 1 x Small Degenerative Concussion Bomb I Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, time efficiency: 6)
Also possible: 1 x 250mm Light 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, time efficiency: 6)

Standing Increase: ~3.3% for Brutor Tribe corporation

Blind Seer - Divinations (2 of 4)

Background: My incantation is complete and my prophecy freed. Now I need to get it out to the people. But I'm not a popular man in the Republic. The tribal elders see me as a threat to their precious stability. Yet all I do is tell the truth as I see it. As I see it.

Lethargy has settled upon our government and the Amarrians are exploiting it to their own advantage. I have seen a dusty road filled with blood-covered slaves. Minmatar slaves. Yes, the Empire dreams of conquering us once again; already they have woven a web of deceit and treachery around our mighty Republic. The elders are being deceived and the public lulled. Only my prophecies can make them realize the peril we all are in. A peril that is all too real and all too close. The Empire is building its strength and its hunger is rising.

My words and my works have been banned from Republic space. But my message must be heard or all is lost. So I have another favor to ask of you, [player name]. I have a friend not far from here who has access to a public network. If I can get the prophecy to him, he can spread it throughout the Republic. Masking my prophecy as a virus is not something I relish, but it must be done. What I need you to do is smuggle the prophecy virus to my friend. I'm much too well-known a figure to Republic authorities to have a chance of doing this myself.

**Low Sec Warning**

Courier Mission:
Transport these goods:
Pickup Location: 0.5 Uriok
Drop-off Location: 0.3 Dudreda IV - Krusual Tribe Bureau (Low Sec Warning!)
Cargo: 1 x Prophecy Virus (0.1 m³)

Standing Increase: ~0.6% for Brutor Tribe corporation

Blind Seer - Trauma (3 of 4)

Background: My head is still aching from my last divination. I don't think I will be ready for another one for some time now. These old bones of mine are getting tired; I must rest soon. But before I do, you must swear to me you'll take care of an ugly business that came to my attention just now.

It seems an Amarr Holder exiled from the Empire has taken up a residence here in Ani. This particular Holder is notorious for his disgusting depravities. He holds slaves like they were his pets, forcing them to participate in his cruel games. Fortunately, several of these poor slaves managed to escape the evil clutches of their master. They are now in my care, but are in need of more aid than I am capable of giving them.

Please help these unfortunate souls by transporting them over to the Servant Sisters of EVE station in Lanngisi, where they can be properly cared for. Meanwhile, I will have my disciples locate this crazed Holder so he can be dealt with before he hurts anyone else.

Courier Mission:
Transport these goods:
Pickup Location: 0.6 Traun X - Moon 6 - Sisters of EVE Bureau
Drop-off Location 0.5 Lanngisi III - Moon 2 - Sisters of EVE Bureau
Cargo: 10 x Freed Pet Slaves (10.0 m³)

Standing Increase: ~0.3% for Brutor Tribe corporation

Blind Seer - Tit for Tat (4 of 4)

Background: How good of you to visit me again, [player name]. I've been awaiting your return for some time now. I managed to track down the depraved Amarr Holder of whom I spoke at our last meeting. He's in the Traun system, visiting a station controlled by some lackeys of the Angel Cartel. I do not know what his business is there, and really I don't care. Whatever it is it will die with him. He has fitted out an old Bestower as a pleasure ship, so look for a Bestower docked at an Angel station. You should find it in the contested complex in the Traun system.

By the way, I was contacted by the Sisters in Lanngisi just before you arrived and they informed me that one of the slaves you brought them is a distant relative of mine. Even though my concern extends to all Minmatars, this makes the matter personal. As such, I'm offering you a rare blueprint copy, to be given to you once you take care of this Amarrian quickly and efficiently. Bring me his head when you're done. Then I can go and rest with my mind at peace.

This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.

Trade/Fight Mission

Bring Item Objective
Acquire these goods:
Drop-off Location: 0.5 Horkund's Scythe in Uriok
Cargo: 1 x Sadry Damoklet's Head (0.1 m³)

Standing Increase: ~22% for Brutor Tribe corporation, ~6.6% for Minmatar faction.

Reward: 1 x Memory Augmentation - Standard

If completed in less than 3 hours: 1 Minmatar COSMOS BPC
Possible: 1 x Gravimetric Firewall Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)
Also possible: 1 x 10MN Digital Booster Rockets Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, time efficiency: 6)

Note: You can purchase Sadry Damoklet's Head on contracts. As of 2004.07.29, they were selling for 2.5M - 3M.
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