Blood-Stained Stars Epic Arc (Level 1)

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The Blood-Stained Stars Epic Arc is a series of 50 missions divided into 7 chapters designed to allow a new pilot to experience the world of Eve and learn about the different type of missions, Pirate Factions and Empire space. It brings a new Pilot gradually from flying a Frigate to engaging with a Cruiser and hopefully, with the help of this guide, learn various techniques and tactics used against a wide variety of hostile ships and fleets in different scenarios.


Here is a partial list of incentives to spend the time doing this Arc.


New players are encouraged to pair up with a friend, Corp mate or fellow Eve Pilot with a similar skill level. The collaborative teamwork and discussions could vastly improve the experience and learning.
Blitz for skilled Characters: using a T3 Destroyer is ideal due to its mode versatility and damage projection. It is also very agile and warps at better speed, since many of the missions involve travelling several jumps and the average mission combat time is about a minute or so.
Change modes accordingly within missions and use long range weapons to save time approaching rats. Snipe them off from distance while approaching objective. Close range ammo or Drones to kill Dagan and other Ships that come close.
Approach mission objective (usually drop or pickup something in a can) with a MWD. Ungroup Turrets or Missiles modules to use only one on each hostile.
Focusing on the mission completion objective and using these tips a Player could possibly complete this Arc in less than 4 or 5 hours.

Start training the skills needed to fly a Cruiser, as well as the Core skills associated. Core skills include, but are not limited to Engineering, Armor, Shields and Navigation for Defense and Targeting, Gunnery, Missiles and/ or Drones for offense. The "Mastery" tab of your ship's info can serve as a guide to the recommended skills and the "Traits" tab shows the Role and Skill bonuses to help with choosing the appropriate type of modules to use. It is best to make use of the Ship's bonuses when choosing weapons and defense fit (aka load-out).
A player may wish to train the Salvaging skill to use a Salvager module on the wrecks, obtaining materials used to make the rigs that may be fitted on a Ship.


Starting Location: Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau, Essence Region
Starting Agent: Sister Alitura

Arc Details

Factions: Most Major Pirate Factions.
Mission types: Couriers and Encounters.
Space type: High Sec (+1.0 to +0.5).
Standing required: Personal Security Status above -2.00 and all Empire Faction standings above -5.00 is required to travel safely and not be attacked by Empire Navy NPC's.

Reward: Faction Standing increase +7.00% base up to +8.75% with Social Level 5 trained.

Damage dealt: Varies by mission.
Recommended damage dealing: Varies by mission.

Webifier/ Warp Disruptor: See details below.
Extras: See details below.

Recommended ships: progression from a [combat] Frigate or a Destroyer to a Cruiser.

Mission specific guide starts with the 1st Chapter: Quality of Mercy

Tips on Specific Missions

Every Drone Inside (20th Mission)

There are 30 something Rogue Drones in four or five groups. "Strain" drones use a Webifier at 20 km and may use a Warp Disruptor at 10 km. Using a kiting setup is recommended, using weapons with a ~30km range, while flying fast enough to stay ahead of them, you may solo this mission.

Tracking the Queen or Bag of Blood (24th Mission)

Click on the large titles in the Agent's discussion to read the alternative choices before you select [accept] one.
These choices are labelled "Tracking the Queen" and "Bag of Blood", respectively.

Planting the Body (25th Mission)

Sensor Dampeners eWar is used by the Serpentis. The whole room may aggro shortly after you enter. Kiting the lot will be successful.

Burning Down the Hive (27th Mission)

This mission can be done by kiting the Rogue Drones. "Strain" drones use a Webifier and possibly a Warp Disruptor, so kill them before they get within 20 km.

Warning! Burning Down the Hive is the mission in which more new Players lose their ship than any other level 1 activity in EVE. Arnon is the lost ship capital of EVE because of this mission and the Webifier/ Warp Disruptor capable Rogue Drones.

Sealing the Deal (46th Mission)

The recommended method of killing the Cruiser and ignoring the Frigates may be difficult to do in a Frigate as you may get swarmed. You can "speed tank" the Cruiser, as with the Cruisers in the previous missions, by orbiting it at 500 meters so its weapons can't track properly, while taking out the Frigates.
A Cruiser, with an appropriate tank, can kill the hostile Cruiser while tanking the Frigates.
A Cruiser equipped with Light Combat Drones can use them to kill the Frigates while using turrets or launchers on the Cruiser, although, most Caldari and Amarr Cruisers do not have both drones and guns or missiles.

Chasing Shadows (47th Mission)

The Battlecruiser opponent in this mission is a Harbinger and fairly well armor tanked, with an Armor Repairer. and supporting Frigates. You can't easily speed tank the BC while killing the Frigates because it uses an Energy Neutralizer [unless you use Projectile weapons or Drones]. The Harbinger's armor is most vulnerable to EM damage and it can't track very well if kiting the lot at 35km range.

One possible strategy is to kite while killing the Frigates first. Keep at 40 to 45km to be out of the BC’s range and target the Frigates as they approach. You may then opt to switch to a Cruiser to take on the BC.
Another strategy would be to get in close to the Hostile BC (he can't hit well at less than 5km) with a Cruiser and use Drones or small caliber turrets to take out the Frigates first and then the BC.

A Cruiser that has no weapons suitable to take out the Frigates [has only medium weapons] will have problems doing this mission alone. That's when you need a buddy in a Frigate killer ship or to switch ships in the middle of the fight. (Don't worry, the BC won't disappear if you warp out to re-arm or change ships, he will still be there gunning for you when you get back.)

The Commander (48th Mission)

Choose which of the four Empire Faction from which the standing reward will be applied. This choice may also dictates the damage type and resistance of the opponents in the next mission and dictate the type of fit to use.

Click on the Commander title in Sister Alitura's discussion to make a choice. Then accept the one desired.

Our Man Dagan (49th Mission)

Dagan flies a 200K ISK bounty Battlecruiser. A Cruiser class ship is recommended to do this mission.
Dagan is most likely to be prepared to resit and deal damage appropriate against the Empire of the Commander chosen in the previous mission. It would be best to also be prepared accordingly, Eve Wiki: NPC Damage Types is an excellent resource to help choose the right modules and charges.

Good luck and remember to have fun!

1st Chapter Quality of Mercy

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