I am a pirate on my main account and generally use my second account for missioning to make isk.

Favourite missioning ships:

Tengu: When it's fitted properly it applies plenty of dps to everything from Battleships to drones, it's fast and requires very little in the way of effort to kill things, plenty of range and no drones to micromanage.

Rattlesnake: Enough tank 100% passive tank to take on level 5's and bonuses to drones so you can afk mission. Great if you are lucky enough to have access to level 5 missions.

Sleipner: Good fun for getting up close and being able to easily pop frigs while zooming around at top speed. Not the fastest mission boat, but at least it isn't dull.

Favourite missions:

Level 4 Angel's Extravaganza: Because of the awesome loot and bounties!
Level 4 World's Collide: Lot's of bounties, often decent loot depending on which factions you get.
Level 4 Blockade: One room, lots of NPC's, simple!

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