Concerned Citizens

Concerned Citizens - Store Credit (1 of 3)

Background:"Welcome to the Nickel & Dime Store, pilot. It is a humble little shop owned and operated by the Thukker Tribe, catering to the needy souls in this beautiful constellation. Hm, something tells me you can be of some assistance to us ― perhaps you've worked for the Thukkers in the past? Let's see if you've got what it takes to help our fledgling business grow. I have a small task for you: nothing complicated or risky, but it should let me gauge your talents. Deliver a few crates of goods to a nearby station for me. The rewards are modest, since this is such an easy task, but it's only the start."

Courier: 10 units of Stolen Goods (800m3)
Pickup: Nortul's Probe in Augnais system
Deliver: Audaerne X - Moon 3 Poteque Pharmaceuticals Bio Production

Rewards + Bonus
The following rewards will be yours if you complete this mission:
1 x 'Bootleg' ECCM Projector I Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 5, productivity level: 2)
80 000 ISK

Concerned Citizens - Store Stash (2 of 3)

Background:"Good work on your previous assignment. Despite it being a tedious one, you pulled it off without any qualms. Now for something a little more interesting.

You see, things have not been easy around here lately. The Caldari mega-corp Wiyrkomi is intent on tapping into the vast natural resources found in the constellation, much to the dismay of the many environmentalists here in the Federation. The struggle between the two sides draws unwanted attention to our little enterprise here and is making our operation difficult. Down the road, I might be tempted to have you help us with this unpleasant situation. But not just yet. First, we have to take care of another small problem that just came up.

The Serpentis drug lords are out in force here in Algintal, overseeing traffic between Federation and Republic space. We Thukkers are not into the drug scene, so we generally leave them alone. The same applies for them, for the most part. Live and let live, huh? Thing is, many of the Serpentis have grown too fond of their own goods and can get a little wild at times. One such incident occurred the other night when a gang of renegade Serpentis junkies stole some goods we were receiving from our associates in the Republic. The goods aren't all that valuable, but we must send a clear sign to the Serpentis that our goods are to be left alone.
I know that the fools who stole our goods are relaxing at the ContestedGallenteSkeletonCometCOSMOS Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet over in Deltole. If you're willing to go over there and teach them a lesson, a hard lesson ― a permanent lesson, get me? ― then I would be much obliged. And if you could return with some of the goods they stole, I'd be even happier. "

Acquire: 5 units of Stolen Goods (400m3)

The easiest way to acquire Stolen Goods is to search contracts. If funds are lacking, then the items might be found by in Deltole system by killing smugglers in the ContestedGallenteSkeletonCometCOSMOS Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet, but not positive.

Reward: One unit of 'Forger' ECCM - Magnetometric I BPC (3 run, ML5, PL2)

Concerned Citizens - Run, Boy, Run! (3 of 3)

Background:"Oh, Pilot, you've come at an opportune moment. Things are progressing as I feared they would. The continuous struggle between Wiyrkomi and the activists have cast a spotlight on the constellation. While we here are the Nickel & Dime Store are running a perfectly legal business, our associates and clients like to operate in the dark. Already, I've lost several important clients, and some employees are getting restless. So much so that I'm having difficulties making my more demanding deliveries.

Unfortunately, I do not have the means or the knowledge to do much about the situation, but my business associate Iliere Angetyn is a most resourceful Gallentean, and I'm sure he's already contemplating how to put things right. But Angetyn doesn't deal with just anyone. Only those clearly in favor with the Trust Partners company get his attention. So I have a proposal for you. Run an errand for me that one of my just-departed couriers was supposed to, and I'll give you a Trust Partners Business Card. Show this to Angetyn and he's certain to offer you something lucrative.
The errand in question is a simple delivery over the border into the Republic. It has a very small chance of getting you in trouble with the customs, but I'm sure a resourceful pilot such as yourself can pick the right route to avoid any unwanted attention. "

This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.

Courier: 15 units of Shady Goods (1200 m3)
Pick-up: Nortul's Probe in Augnais
Drop-off: Bei VII - Moon 3 - Freedom Extension Retail Center
Reward: Trust Partners Business Card Required by Agent Iliere Angetyn.

Transport Objective, Transport these goods:
Pickup Location 0,5 Augnais
Drop-off Location 0,6 Bei VII - Moon 3 - Freedom Extension Retail Center
Cargo 15 x Shady Goods (1200,0 m³)

Rewards + Bonus
The following rewards will be yours if you complete this mission:
1000 x Federation Navy Iridium Charge S
1 x Trust Partners Business Card
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