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Decorum - We Like to Know (1 of 3)

Background:This amarr agent stays in Minmatar space just to monitor the action of these 'rebels'. She found Krusual Tribe to be very evasive, and also hard to gauge. So she decided to ask her superiors to put some infiltrators to complete the task, using some previous slaves who are trained to be loyal to the Empire.

Courier Mission. You're going to pick up a infiltrator from a station of Joint Harvesting in Hjoramold to a station of Krusual Tribe in Nakugard.

Decorum - Spy vs. Spy (2 of 3)

Background:Despite the infiltration of Minmatar, the agent is worried about the pirate activity around as well. She thought Minmatar weak as they cannot get rid of these pirates in their own territory. So she decided to take them down, but by you, of course. She wants some demonstration for your killing efforts.

Trade Mission. Turn in 5 pieces of Spy ID Slice to complete the mission. It is suggested to hunt down the pirates in Ani to obtain them, but also you can buy it from contracts, which is normally 1~3mil per slice.

Reward: 1000 medium republic fleet phased plasma ammunition.

Decorum - Hacker's Haven (3 of 3)

Background: The agent finds out a hacker haven. She believes that these hackers keep the data of secrets of all the region. Hence she wants you to retrieve it for her.

Reward: a 3-run BPC of 800mm Heavy 'Jolt' Repeating Artillery I (material level:15, productivity level:6)

Encounter Mission.

Pocket 1

In 30~35km there're an initial and only group:
2x Gatekeeper Rebel (Frigate)
1x Gatecrasher Rebel (Cruiser)

There're some LCO around in space:
3x Old Refinery
4x Pulsating Sensor
3x Hacker's Haven

While only one of the 3 hacker's haven is genuine and drop loot. Loot includes the objective, 50x metal scrap and some random commodities.

Standing: The entire mission chain gives you ~6% corporation standing increase.
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