Distress Beacon

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Faction: Incursion Sansha's Nation
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Omni
Recommended ship classes: solo'd in a T2 armour tanked cane
Recommended generic setup: either heavy tank, or pure speed
Forces Required: 1-5 pilots

Incursion Sansha will auto aggress and switch targets (including drones).

Military Intelligence
Your primary objective is to assist a civilian Orca-class vessel currently being pinned down by Sansha forces. The Orca will be able to escape as soon as you can secure the area.

This is a target of opportunity, and has minimal impact on the larger anti-Sansha campaign.

- 50,000 ISK x ratio
- 50 CONCORD LP x ratio

Background Intelligence
Conventional Sansha attacks upon shipping and trade vessels have been drastically reduced in effectiveness over the last decades, thanks to heightened vigilance and a general increase in fleet preparedness. These factors alone make the new Sansha attacks relatively minor in scale. Although Sansha forces are selecting targets with a newfound sense of opportunism not traditionally demonstrated, they are nonetheless much the same attack patterns experienced in previous years. Adapting to the challenges of smarter target selection and improved military technologies remains the primary concern.

Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0089. DED Special Operations.
Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.

Single Pocket

Wave 1

2 x Jel Rhomben (last to die is trigger)
1 x Orkashu myelen (NOS & ECM)

Wave 2

1 x Orkashu myelen (NOS & ECM)
2 x Youl Meten (Web) (TRIGGER)

Wave 3

1 x Orkashu myelen (NOS & ECM)
3 x Jel Rhomben
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