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Escalation from SanshaHideout.

While fighting the last defenders of this hideout, you noticed three of their ships warp out and disappear from radar. Your navigational computer has had a few minutes now to mull over the data they left and has come up with a probable destination in case you want to chase them.

Stage 1

If faction rat is present - kill it. Else just warp through acceleration gate, ignoring guards.
You'll get advancement once you land down from warp or faction rat is dead.

It seems like the weird sound once in a while coming from your left dashboard is not from the navigation computer after all, at least it seems to have calculated the whereabouts of these Sansha frigates pretty accurately. Not accurately enough though, as they warp out as soon as you enter space. Luckily your instruments manage to come up with a best approximation for their next destination.

Stage 2

Kill commander at gate. Advances after it's death.

Again you warp in to far and the Sansha ships slip away into space. Luckily they leave a predictable path.

Stage 3

Same gate. Same rules. Kill commander or just enter gate.
You'll see 3 ships, one named frigate will quickly disappear once you warp in.
If all right, you'll advance.

While fighting the two ships you managed to catch up with, the third one got away. Your instruments give no clue as to where it was headed, but just before it vanished, you picked up a distress signal from it, containing this location...

Stage 4

After clearing initial spawn of 6-8 frigates and 3-5 destroyers, 2-3 more ships appear. After that, the named frigate that previously evaded you will spawn.
Kill dude, loot your lewtz, salvage, warp away.

Obviously the distress signal made it through to the intended recipients, this was quite a reception. In any case, there are a bit less drug runners in space after this encounter...

If you made it through up to this point, receive my congratulations.

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