Enemies Abound, Level 4 (Part 3)

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Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Therm/Kin/EM
Web/scramble: Elite Federation Lochos/Lixa
Recommended damage dealing: Kin/Therm (Pocket 1) Therm/Kin (Pocket 2)
Recommended Ship Clases: Battleship, Command Ship, HAC, Strategic Cruiser.

Video: Navy RavenCNR

Warp in

7x Frigates (Gallente Navy Officer/Gallente Navy Delta I Support Frigate)

Pocket 1

The trigger ships will spawn the next wave the moment they are attacked, not when they are destroyed. Consider setting your drones to passive to avoid being overwhelmed.

4x Scordite - 25k units
25x Veldspar - 50k units

Spawn 1 (15-40km)

1x Battleship (Federation Covinus/Navis Longa)
4x Cruisers (Federation Praktor Centurion/Legionarius)
4x Frigates (Federation Praktor Harpago/Belos)
1x Elite Frigate (Elite Federation Lixa/Lochos) (Web/Scram) (Trigger)

Spawn 2 (15-40km)

2x Battleships (Federation Covinus)
3x Battlecruisers (Federation Pezos)
3x Destroyers (Federation Matara/Machaira)
1x Frigate (Elite Federation Lixa/Lochos) (Web/Scram) (Trigger)

Spawn 3 (15-40km)

3x Battleships (Federation Navis Longa/Covinus)
2x Battlecruisers (Federation Calo/Praeco)
2x Destroyers (Federation Matara)
1x Elite Frigate (Elite Federation Lixa) (Web/Scram) (Trigger)

Spawn 4 (15-40km)

2x Battleships (Federation Covinus/Navis Longa/Praktor Navis Praetoria)
2x Elite Cruisers (Elite Federation Calo/Bearcus) (Sensor Dampening)
2x Destroyers (Federation Pelekus/Arcus)
1x Elite Frigate (Elite Federation Lixa) (Web/Scram)

Pocket 2

3 groups, warp-in aggro from one random group, no linked aggro. Moving too close to one group will aggro it.
The following ships are not necessarily divided by type into groups. E.g. on warp-in one group will aggro, but this group can consist of 3x Gallente Navy Megathron. Not all 7x Megathron will aggro on warp-in.
Drones are not attacked by non attacked groups.
Bunkers may drop loot.

Group 1 (7 km)

3x Battleships (Gallente Navy Megathron)

Group 2 (30km)

4x Battleships (Gallente Navy Megathron)

Group 3 (30-35 km)

3x Battleships (Gallente Navy Orion)
3x Elite Frigates (Federation Navy Orion's Wingman)

Mission flagged complete when killing all ships in Group 3.

Killing one of the officers incurs a -2.5% standing hit
Other standing ticks cause 0.06% losses
Destroying bunkers in 3rd pocket will lower your standing for -2.4%

Tags to be looted:

Federation Navy Command Sergeant Major I x 5
Federation Navy Fleet Captain I x 6
Federation Navy Fleet Colonel I x 8
Federation Navy Fleet Colonel II x 16
Federation Navy Fleet Major x 20
Federation Navy Fleet Midshipman III x 4
Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant I x 6
Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant II x 7
Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant III x 3

Loot + Salvage

Next mision is part4

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