For the Greater Good, Level 1

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Faction: Minmatar, Amarr, Concord

Mission 1- Courier

Mission 2- Kill

Minmatar Relief Convoy (Two Cruisers + 3-4 Frigate Guards)
If declined then:...

Mission 2- Courier

Move 1 Gallente reporter (2.0m3) from one station to another.

Mission 3- Courier

(Not 100% sure)
Move 0.2m3 of Food toxin from one station to another.

Mission 4- Kill

2x Amarr Frigate, CONCORD frigate

Mission 5- Kill

-Destroy the 'Astroid colony' in the last room and bring back the survivors [7 units of freed slaves (42m3)]
(Acceleration Gate only accessible by cruiser/destroyer/frigate)
1st room - 4 rats
2nd room - 8-10 rats


Of special note is there there's absolutely no standing loss towards Minmatar, Concord or Amarr incurred during all of this, as far as I could tell from my standings transactions logs. Amarr ships drop tags, as do CONCORD and Minmatar. Also likely the only time you can kill CONCORD and not get fragged by the NPCs.

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