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======The Fortress, Level 5======
======The Fortress (Level 5)======

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======The Fortress (Level 5)======
Faction: Minmatar
Mission Type: Encounter (Normal)
Damage Dealt: Exp/Kin/Therm
Extras: Scramble, Web, Neut
Recommended Damage: Exp/Kin
Completed In: Onyx+Raven, Domi + Guardian (first spawn) CNR + Basilisk (second spawn)
Difficulty: Hard
Blitz: mission is complete once cap ship array is dead (good luck tanking!)
When you enter, you will get full aggro and be neuted. Taking out the cruise batteries first gets rid of annoying thermal damage.
The Republic Fighters are not to be underestimated. They tend to have their shots synchronized, so a group of 10 will do 7000+ alpha unresisted.
====Single Pocket====
==Initial Spawn==
8x Minmatar Energy Neutralizer Sentry III
4x Minmatar Sentry Gun III
8x Elite Frigates (3x chief republic ivan, 5x chief republic magni) (web/scram)
6x BC (4x republic tribal norn, 2x republic tribal nutia)
6x BS (4x republic tribal jotun, 2x republic tribal sigur)
==Spawn 1==
Triggered when the ship maint array gets into armor (or very low shields)
10x Republic Fighter (frigate icon but they hit like fighters)
==Spawn 2==
Triggered when the ship maint array gets into low armor
4x Elite Frigates (3x chief republic ivan, 1x chief republic magni) (web/scram)
6x Cruisers (6x chief republic pafi)
8x BS (8x republic tribal ymir)
4x Tower Sentry Minmatar III
==Spawn 3==
Triggered when the ship maint array gets below half hull
10x Republic Fighter
Capital Ship Maintenance Array: trade goods
Wrecks: Tags
Source images from original stub article:
here's a lvl 5 to add: and all links work ingame
The fortress - lvl 5- minmatar npc...did this also with galllente npc's same thing
completed with an onyx and raven team
u can warp in at range and get auto agro from all
new spawn doesn't happen till you attack the cap ship maint array...suggest taking out all even the nuet batteries
when array's shields are almost down (1-2 volley of torps)
10X minmatar fighters spawn
when armor about half rest spawn
blitz: mission is complete once cap ship array is dead
structures that drop loot:
cap ship maint array is it

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