Gate to Nowhere, Level 4 Amarr Storyline

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Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Explosive/Kin/EM
Recommended damage dealing: Exp/Kin
Recommended ship: Tengu (long range for the second spawn in Pocket 1), Vargur/Machariel w/ Afterburner (, even a tachyon-fitted Paladin works)

Pocket 1

Initial Group

3 x Battleships (2* Republic Sigur, 1*Republic Jotun)
3 x Destroyers (2*Republic Faxi, 1*Republic Austri)

Last Battleship killed of Initial Group triggers another group (100 km away from the gate to Pocket 2):

4 x Battleships (3* Republic Tribal Sigur, 1* Republic Tribal Ymir)
3 x Destroyers (1*Republic Tribal Bormin, 2*Republic Austri)

Use the acceleration gate (40 km away from warp in point) to reach

Pocket 2

Initial Group (at less than 10 km distance)

4 x Battleships (3* Republic Tribal Jarl, 1* Republic Tribal Jotun)
3 x Cruisers (Republic Tribal Japur / Republic Tribal Manadis)

Last Republic Tribal Jotun triggers:

3 x Battleships (Republic Tribal Sigur/Republic Tribal Jotun)
4 x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Rodul/Republic Tribal Ormur/Republic Tribal Manadis)

Last Republic Tribal Ormur cruiser triggers the last spawn:

5 x Battleships (5* Republic Tribal Jotun)
3 x Battlecruiser (Republic Tribal Norn/Republic Tribal Nutia)


4 x Battleships (3* Republic Tribal Jotun, 1* Republic Tribal Sigur)
2 x Battlecrusier (2* Republic Tribal Norn)

Killing the last ship completes the mission and removes the gate from the first pocket - no need to warp back as per message, there was nothing there.

Standing loss:
0.02 % per standing tick (10 minutes)

Tags to be looted:

4 x Republic Fleet Captain I
26 x Republic Fleet Commander II
9 x Republic Fleet High Captain I
6 x Republic Fleet Private I

Lots of Minmatar Battleships, many of them with close-range weapons that you can outrun with an afterburner.
Respawn aggro drones (not confirmed) - didn't get any drone aggro.

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