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======Smash The Gallente Stockyard, Level 5, Gallente======

Faction: Gallente
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (MWD does not work) with single entry gate
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm (40% kinetic, 60% thermal)
Extras:Sensor Damps (Arx, Navis Praetoria)
Web/Scramble: (Manica, Libertus)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended ships: Passive Tanking Ships (Nighthawk, Drake, Onyx etc.) (Active ships with Logistics)

Acceleration gate 18km away

====Pocket 1====

===Spawn 1:===
4x Elite Frigates (Elite Federation Manica/Libertus) (Web/Scramble)
3x Cruisers (Elite Federation Quadrieris/Mentes)
5x Battleships (Federation Praktor Praeses/Phanix/Hexeris)

===Spawn 2:===
Triggered when the Last BS is popped from the Spawn 1

5x Elite Frigates (Elite Federation Manica/Libertus/Matara) (Web/Scramble)
2x Elite Cruisers (Elite Federation Arx) (Sensor Damps)
2x Cruisers (Elite Federation Mentes/Quadrieris)

- Spawn 1 has a maximum of 814 dps (39% kinetic, 61% thermal)
- Spawn 2 has a maximum of 515 dps (37% kinetic, 63% thermal)

====Pocket 2====

===Spawn 1:===
6x Battleships (Federation Praktor/Hyperion/ Hexeris)
3x Battleships (Federation Praktor Navis Praetoria) (Sensor Damps)
10x Gallete Cruise Missile Battery
3x Gallete Stasis Tower
2x Gallete Energy Neutralizer III (after 2 minutes) (2x more on destruction of initial 2)

===Spawn 2:===
6x Elite Frigates (Elite Federation Manica/Libertus) (Web/Scramble)
5x Cruisers (Elite Federation Quadrieris/Mentes/Navis)
10x Battleships (Federation Praktor Hyperion/Hexeris/Praeses)
4x Gallete Energy Neutralizer III

Raider Outpost ***Objective***

- Spawn 1 has a maximum of 1393 dps (33% kinetic, 67% thermal)
- Spawn 2 has a maximum of 1623 dps (38% kinetic, 62% thermal)
- It is recommend that you use Logistics support to help keep your passive tank alive

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======Smash The Gallente Stockyard, Level 5, Gallente======
======Smash The Gallente Stockyard, Level 5======

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