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======Harvester's Misfortune (1 of 2)======
===Eradicate the Guristas presence near the acceleration gate leading into the Gas Cloud site, then report back to Nuomo Kaavunin in Pioneer's Sanctuary.===
==Rewards: gas cloud harvester +5m bonus on fast completion==
first spawn around 12 BS
respawns kinda random
all in all 20 BS about the same count in Cruiser/BC and 4 web/cram frigates (~20m bounty)

//bugged needed to petition to get the second part//
======Harvester's Misfortune (2 of 2)======
one cruiser on warp in shoot it and respawns come in
nothing nasty some bs and some other stuff, kill it
loot container

reward: random caldari navy mods(warp scram for me)
9.375% caldari state standings
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