Harvester's Misfortune (1 of 2)

Eradicate the Guristas presence near the acceleration gate leading into the Gas Cloud site, then report back to Nuomo Kaavunin in Pioneer's Sanctuary.

Rewards: gas cloud harvester +5m bonus on fast completion
first spawn around 12 BS
respawns kinda random

all in all 20 BS about the same count in Cruiser/BC and 4 web/cram frigates (~20m bounty)

bugged needed to petition to get the second part

Harvester's Misfortune (2 of 2)

one cruiser on warp in shoot it and respawns come in
nothing nasty some bs and some other stuff, kill it
loot container

reward: random caldari navy mods(warp scram for me)
9.375% caldari state standings
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