Hidden Truths, level 2 cosmos

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Agent: Remy Ouche (2.00 standing required)
Location: Sanctum Psychosis, Lanngisi, Minmatar Cosmos
Corporation: Eifir & Co

To complete the mission you're required to head into the Contested Minmatar Guerilla Base. This is NOT a walk in the park! It's a place with fast respawns of several groups, consisting of 5-10 frigates, destroyers, battlecruisers and yeah, battleships (in a level 2 mission ?!)

1 of 3 - Hidden Truths

Courier Mission - 0.1m³ (Blood Sample)

2 of 3 - Unfolding a Mystery - Low sec warning!

Courier Mission - 0.4m³ (Analyzed Blood Sample)

3 of 3 - Extremely Unfortunate Incident

Faction: Minmatar/Angel Cartel
Damage Dealt: Various
Recommended Damage Dealing: Exp/Kin
Completed In: Dominix

Your goal is to collect 3 refugees from the deserted Nefantar bunkers. Destroy a bunker and the can will hold 1 refugee.

The bunkers are floating right in the middle of the baddies (what a relief!) in the 2nd (and optional 3rd) pocket, making it impossible to avoid mass aggro from the center groups. So either bring some friends or pimp your BS, HAC or other uber ship that fits through a gate.

Note: Most of the time there are other players ratting in the complex, which helps a lot.

Blitz: In my eagerness to kill baddies it didn't occur to me at the time, so i haven't tried this. But buying refugees on the market and giving them to Remy Ouche MIGHT work.
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