Short Guide on Invention

This was cut out from a forum post by Esurnir Found here. (Modified slightly after recent patches)
A more comprehensive guide is found at eve-guides: Link and link.
More information on Decryptors and interfaces can be found at eve-guides and here.

As for invention here is how it works :

  1. you need the encryption skill adapted to your invention job. Example, you want to invent a tachyon beam laser II (I will use this example throughout this guide), you need the Amarr encryption skillbook. To find it, you will have to seek into the amarrian cosmos constellation by hacking (?!) some sites.
  1. you need the skill in the research field of your job, for the same tachyon beam laser, you need high energy physics and laser physics skillbook (the name of the datacore required in the invention tab of the t1 item bpo description give you an hint).
  1. Train those skill to at least lvl 4 (the more the better).
  1. You need a data interface, to find it, either buy it on market (from another fellow explorer), or seek through exploration an hacking site that will provide a bpc, to build the data interface you will need to come back to the cosmos region to buy some prototype part or hack them directly on blood raiders site.
  1. You will need a decryptor (optional but they help a lot), to find them, same as before : hacking per exploration/cosmos.
  1. You will need a t1 version of the item (optional, but even the basic tech 1 item help so just do it), get the best named t1 item to help you complete the job, ie a modulated tachyon energy beam.
  1. You need datacores, to get them go to your favorite R&D agent, preferably lvl 4 (need corp standing for this one), and begin to work with him. You will find some data core by hacking exploration sites (not in cosmos constellation deadspace this time).
  1. Get the bpo of your item (Tachyon beam laser I), make a max run copy, get one of those copy into an invention slot, with the data interface (you can use them as much as you want), the data cores (will be destroyed), the named t1 (destroyed in the process), the decryptor (one use only). Wait a few hours and you will perhaps (it's chance based but expect a high loss rate) get a t2 bpcs of that item.
  1. Then you have to produce that t2 item... And that's another story.

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