Lost Love (Caldari Cosmos) - Level 4

Part 2 of 3

Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/therm (All Damage from Turrents)
Web/scramble: Guristas Kyoukan, Guristas Webifier
Recommended damage dealing: Kin/Therm
Recommended ships: CNR

The following Mission will have 5 Pockets and you need to kill all ships in each pocket to move to the next one. Once you have reached the 5th Pocket you need to kill Wei Todaki's ship and loot the Wreak (The Goal of the Mission is to return to your Agent with Wei Todaki in your cargohold)

The mission is held in the same system where your agent is.

Pocket 1:

No Aggro from any Groups. 3 Groups in the first pocket and they are sitting 40km from warp in (One Left, Center and One Right of the Mission Area). Groups can be taken out one at a time and you will not get aggro from other groups if you dont attack them.

Group 1:
3x Dread Pith Eliminator
3x Pith Exterminator
2x Pithum Abolisher
4x Pithum Eraser
2x Pithior Supremacist
1x Pithior Terrorist

Group 2:
2x Pith Usurper
4x Pithatis Revolter
1x Pithior Guerilla
4x Pithior Renegade

Group 3:
1x Pith Eliminator
2x Pith Extinguisher
2x Pithum Inferno
6x Pithum Mortifier

Pocket 2

Aggro from Group 1 from warp in. The First Group is setting on the Warp Gate to the next pocket and this is the group that will attack once you have entered. Other two groups are about 40km from warp in point and can be taken out one at a time without aggro from others.

Group 1:
1x Pith Massacrer
2x Pith Conquistador

Group 2:
1x Pith Massacrer
2x Pith Obliterator
2x Pithatis Assaulter
5x Pithatis Enforcer
2x Pithior Terrorist
4x Pithior Guerilla

Group 3:
2x Pith Obliterator
3x Pith Eradicator
2x Pithior Supremacist
3x Pithior Terrorist

Pocket 3

Two Groups in this Pocket. No Aggro in Warp in and can take out one group at a time with out aggro from others. All Groups are about 40km from Warp in point.

Group 1:
3x Pith Conquistador
1x Pith Destroyer
1x Pithatis Assassin
5x Pithatis Assaulter

Group 2:
2x Pith Extinguisher
3x Pith Dismantler
6x Pithatis Enforcer
2x Pithatis Executor
3x Guristas Kyoukan
3x Guristas Webifier

Pocket 4

One Group in this pocket and you will get aggro from them once you warp in. Please note that the Tower Sentry Guristas III in this pocket will do more EMP damage than Kin or Therm.

Group 1:
1x Pith Conquistador
3x Pith Destroyer
1x Pithatis Assaulter
4x Pithatis Enforcer
4x Tower Sentry Guristas III
2x Guristas Cruise Missile Battery
3x Pithior Renegade
3x Pithior Anarchist

Pocket 5

This is the last pocket in the Mission and you need to kill Wei Todaki's ship so that you can loot the wreak. Group 1 which is 15 to 20km from warp in point will aggro you. If you shoot at the Turrents that are close to Group 2 the whole room will aggro. Group 2 is sitting at about 50km from warp in.

Group 1:
1x Pith Usurper
2x Pith Massacrer
2x Pithatis Death Dealer
3x Pithatis Assassin
4x Tower Sentry Guristas III
2x Guristas Cruise Missile Battery
3x Pithior Anarchist

Group 2:
3x Pith Usurper
2x Pith Dismantler
2x Pithatis Assaulter
3x Pithatis Enforcer
1x Wei Todaki
5x Pithior Terrorist
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