Quotes from Lvl 4 channel

[14:31:14] Timedoor > downing the slaves 2 of 2 anything good loot wise
[14:33:21] Cookie > invite random ppl from local and kill them, only way to get some decent loot from that mission ;)

[21:09:20] Lord Apophiss > anyone do missions with a tempest?
[21:11:00] Nocturnal Prince > nah, Im not one of those 'In rust we trust' guys

[19:57:35] Hotice > hmm... i reprocessed 4 of my local hull expenders lastnight. so let's not talk about it...

[17:21:10] Esab > I used to do a 22 jump run from memory....then realised and decided it was time for a break
[17:21:57] Esab > then found out the wife had left...so carried on regardless

[21:38:13] Lothris Andastar > BC should get 100m³ badwidth
[21:39:51] Dirk Fallows > well.. the next time you call your isp, try asking for bandwidth in cubic meters

[19:36:42] Valentina Gallatoire > just suck in whatever you can when you feel like it.
[19:37:03] Valentina Gallatoire > NO LOTH, NOT THAT.
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