Pilot: Alexander Tokanasi
Faction: Amarr
Specialty: Light Assault

The Game Has Changed

This is a new pilot, that I am starting fresh after returning to the game following a long break from EVE; my old pilot was boring me. This time around, I'm going all out into small ships, starting with frigates, and dreaming of assault ships and advanced pulse lasers.

With the release of small and medium rigs, it has become affordable to rig a plain frigate, turning ships like the Punisher into death-dealing hell-machines. I'm skipping cruisers altogether, and staying with frigates, flying level 2 missions. As my char is working on the learning skills, just like all the real newbies are, the ship I fly is very basic; my skills are just enough to fit the thing with T1 and Basic equipment. The ship and gear has cost around 2-3 million isk, something everyone should have after running the tutorials. Except for some actual skill at flying - there's no magic involved here.

I've been accused of insanity a few times, but the accusations usually come from a) people that don't know how to use angular velocity to their advantage yet and b) old, skilled players, that haven't flown low-level missions since before the rigs changed. Only the frigates pose a threat to a punisher: cruisers can't do much to hurt it, as heavy missiles are virtually useless, and the turrets can't track it. For a cruiser to be a danger to a frigate - you need to make a big mistake like stop, or hit the approach button. Doing level 2s in a T1 frigate makes sense - it's easy and fun!

And let's not forget... this frigate-approach to level 2s requires less skill points, and less money, than a cruiser. This means you can get to work on the learning skills earlier on.

The Punisher Experiment

- Hull: Punisher
- Skills: 170,000 skill points (not including learning)
- High: 3x Dual Anode Pulse Particle Stream I
- Med: 1x Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters, 1x F-B10 Nominal Capacitor Regenerator
- Low: 1x Small Automated I Carapace Restoration, 1x Energized Basic Adaptive Nano Plating, 1x Energized Basic (mission spec) Plating, 1x Damage Control I
- Rigs: 3x Capacitor Control Circuit I

The punisher has finished the following level 2 missions with ease:

- Avenge a Fallen Comrade
- Communications Cold War (This is the only hard one so far, almost forcing me to warp out while taking down the stasis towers.)
- Drone Infestation
- Gone Berzerk
- Hidden Stash
- Lasers Softly Beaming
- Murderer Brought to Justice
- Seek and Destroy
- Seven's Brothel, The
- Silence the Informant

So far, I have not encountered a level 2 mission the Punisher can't handle, though I'm sure they are out there.
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