Manel's Disappearance (Level 3 COSMOS Amarr)

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Parts 1 through 2 (with a sidestep to a parallel short chain) is a fast Couriers/Trade with a low volume items involved.
Part 1 starts by asking you to speak with Nossa Farad and acquire Nossa Farad's Voucher.

Part 3 of 5

Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM, Therm
Web/scramble: ???
Recommended damage dealing: EM, Therm
Recommended ships classes: Battlecruiser, Armortanked Cruiser (170+ EM/TM)
Done with: Arbitrator (EM+TM+DC+MAR2 perfect)

Pocket 1
No aggro at warp-in. Acceleration gate to the Pocket 2.

Group 1 (Far below plane)
Distance: ~25km
3x Destroyers
3x Battlecruisers

Group 2 (Above plane at left)
Distance: ~30km
3x Cruisers (Maller kind)
2x Cruisers (Omen kind)

Group 3 (Above plane at right)
Distance: ~30km
4x Cruisers (Maller kind)
4x Frigates (Crucifier kind)

Group 4 (Far at the back, above plane)
Distance: ~40km
5x Destroyers
2x Battlecruisers

Pocket 2
Instant aggro at warp. Gate to the Pocket 3.
Ore: 9x Omber asteroids.

3 groups, sentry+cruiser.
Distance: 30km to 40km away each group.
3x Sentry towers.
2x Cruisers (Augoror kind)
1x Cruiser (Arbitrator kind)
All cruisers short-range (~10km)

Pocket 3
Instant aggro at warp-in.

Single group.
3x Frigate (Punisher kind)
1x Battleship (Objective, ~40km range)

Just orbit Battleship under 5km and it will never hit you.

Part 4 of 5

Courier 0.1m3

Part 5 of 5

150mil ISK

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