Matriarch, Level 4

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Faction: Angel Cartel and Sansha's Nation
Mission Type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gate
Damage dealt: HVY Expl w/Kinetic/Therm (Angels) - EM/Therm (Sanshas)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/Therm (Angels) - EM/Therm (Sanshas)
Recommended ships classes: Battleship, Battlecruiser

For this storyline you are asked to retrieve a misison objective (Salvaged Electronics, 20 m³).

After destroying the whole group present, a new spawn will appear.
In total there are one initial group (Angels) and three waves (Sanshas) equals four groups.
All groups will autoaggro after some seconds.

Note: On an omnitanked drake the first group of Angels did significantly more damage than the upcoming groups of Sanshas.
As I always retrieve my drones after having killed an entire group I do not know if new groups target them.

Single Pocket

Initial Group (auto-aggro)

3x Gistii Raider (Frigate)
3x Gistum Marauder (Cruiser)
6x Gist Warlord (Battleship)
3x Gist Saint (Battleship)
4x Angel Heavy Missile Battery

After destroying all ships, the waves start. This is indicated by a message about a Cynofield opening.
The Cynosural field opens about 25 km from the initial warp in point.

Wave 1 (auto-aggro)

2x Centi Enslaver (Frigate)
2x Centus Mutant Lord (Battleship)

After destroying all ships, the next group spawns.

Wave 2 (auto-aggro)

2x Centum Hellhound (Battlecruiser)
2x Centus Savage Lord (Battleship)

After destroying all ships, the final group appears.

Wave 3 (auto-aggro)

3x Centatis Wraith (Battlecruiser)
2x Centus Savage Lord (Battleship)

After having killed all ships you receive the following message:
Cloaked Cache
The automated base defenses register that combat has ceased, uncloaking a nearby cache of valuables.

You'll find a now revealed Bunker labelled "Cloaked Cache" which contains scrap metal and the mission's objective (Salvaged Electronics).

Destroyed Bunkers may drop T1 module(s) and scrap metals.
The Watchtowers didn't drop anything.
The two Battlestations have a lot of hitpoints.
Battlestations dropped no loot. (2 runs personaly, can someone verify)

No Blitz as all the ships have to be killed in order for the cloaked cache to be revealed.

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