Facts about agents and missions

Endorsed by Nathan32Derby UK and written by ChepeNolon

First of all, I encourage you all to read this excellent, ingame friendly guide, that covers everything a new agent runner needs to know: http://jhez.dk/eve/dgaf/agents.html

Choosing the right agent

Apart from choosing what types of missions you want to do, you might do missions with a goal. It could be:

Not everything is clear enough, and I'll try to point out what to look for.

Working your standings

    1. the higher his/her standing towards you will be
    1. the better the standing increases will be

LP rewards

    1. LP rewards will increase as you do more missions for an agent
    1. An agent based in a lower sec system, will give more LP than an agent with the same quality in a higher sec system
    1. In fact, doing missions for a mediocre quality agent in a 0.5 will give more LP than doing missions for a really good quality agent in 0.9 (of the same level)

Bounties, Rewards, Loot & Salvage

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