Mission Reports: Mining

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TitleTypeCargo totalLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Arisite EnvyOre45,000 m³ Level 4
Asteroid CatastropheOre1,080 m³Level 1
Better World, AOre6,000 m³ Level 3
Beware They LiveOre9,000 m³ Level 3
Bountiful BandineOre2,000 m³Level 1
Burnt TracesOre1,080 m³Level 1
Cheap ChillsIce20,000 m³ Level 4
ClaimjumpersOre1,800 m³ Level 2
Coming 'Round the MountainOre6,000 m³ Level 3
Data Mining (Amarr)Ore299.7 m³ Level 2
Down and DirtyOre2,250 m³ Level 2
Drone DistributionOre4,000 m³ Level 3
Feeding the GiantOre44,800 m³ Level 4
Gas InjectionsGas4,250 m³ Level 4
Geodite and GemologyOre44,800 m³ Level 4
Ice InstallationIce20,000 m³ Level 4
Like Drones to a CloudGas4,250 m³ Level 4
Mercium BeltOre6,000 m³ Level 2
Mercium ExperimentsOre1,080 m³Level 1
Mother LodeOre44,800 m³ Level 4
Not Gneiss at AllOre21,000 m³ Level 4
Pile of PithixOre9,000 m³ Level 3
Persistent PestsOre4,000 m³ Level 3
Starting SimpleOre2,000 m³Level 1
Stay FrostyIce10,000 m³ Level 3
Understanding AugmeneOre2,625 m³ Level 2
Unknown EventsOre6,000 m³ Level 2
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