Mu'ad Diib was born on a small rocky asteroid in the western sprial arm of the Milky Way to a couple of hippie star farmers, (who also had a sideline in zero-g Holstein space cows) Frank and Mary.

Growning up dyslexic and dyspraxic in a turbulent universe gave him a slightly cynical attitude to offers of help from government officials, teachers, soothsayers and other dubious types, (eg: capsule interior designers) but he's otherwise generally an optimist. He still doesn't really like left hand drive spaceships though.

He went to a special needs school for frustrated geniuses and disturbed mutants on Magrathea and was very pleased with the fiddly bits that he worked on on Striding Edge in the Peak Distict of England of Earth, (which was his graduation project).

His hobbies include killing obscure alien animal species with kindness, collecting tribbles and he's also partway through a lifetime project to contruct a full scale Gallente capital ship from macaroni.
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