Rattlesnake: Level 4 Caldari Navy Mission Runner.
I did this with a Rattlesnake. Read the comments - all of them, thank you!
HIGHS: 5xRapid Heavy Missile Launchers, 1xDrone Link Augmentor.
MIDs 2xEM passive hardeners, a passive explosive, 1xInvuln,
Resists were: SHields 78 55 67 84, Armor: 58 54 37 24, DCU 60
1xShield Boost Amp, Med Shield Booster 2, and a Named AB.
Lows: DCU, 2xPDU, 2xBCU, 1xDDA.
DRONES: 5x Valk 2 and Vespa 2, 5x Warrior and Hornet 2

Warp in, 3 groups in diamond pattern, headed for Smuggler gate on the left with the group close to it, and the other 2 groups to my right, when they mostly were behind me, I turned to put the gate behind me, and kept going for some time.
Once the first wave is gone, shoot to be about 75+ from the gate, and pick off the targets at the come in using 2xBouncer IIs, and...5xRapid Heavy Missile Launchers.
By the end, I was 143KM away from the gate, the last group of BSs, had 6 total, they weren't hard, orbited my drones, let them do the work, got down to about 23-30% shield with 3 BS left, was able to kill them, no warp outs.
AB'd back to the gate took a few minutes, dropped sentries and used HMs on it, um, it's the mother ship on structure hp, with 2 sentries hitting it for 1500-2000 every 2 seconds, it still took a loooooong time.
Switch to Kinietic for more damage on the structure.
Next time will try with cruiser missiles. I didn't fit them fearing the cruisers/frigates. The cruiser were cake, but the frigates would go for drones, lost a t2 Valk.
Good Luck! Bring that EM resistance if you intend to tank in a fat BS.
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