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Faction: Caldari Navy
Damage dealt: Kinetic
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic
Multiple Groups
State Gunto x 2
State Kanpaku x 5
State Kissaki x 1
State Shukuro Ashura x 2
Stae Shukuro Bajo x 3
State Shukuro Buke x 1
State Tenkyu x 5
State Utaisho x 4
State Yojimbo x 1
State Yumi x 5
Taibu State Bajo x 4
Taibu State Sumurai
Taibu State Shirasaya x 3
Taibu State Suriage x 1
Faction: Minmitar Republic
Damage dealt: Explosive, Kinetic (Little Therm and EM) (Cruisers Fire Havoc Heavy Missiles)
Reccomended damage dealing: Thermal
Auto-aggro from Group 1 at warp-in.
Group 2,3,4,5 remains neutral as long as you do not move from the warpin.
Drones will get agro.
===Group 1 (Auto-aggro): (30km)===
2x Frigates (Chief Republic Isak) **Web/scram**
1x Frigate (Chief Republic Iflin) **Web/scram**
3x Destroyer (Republic Austri)
1x Destroyer (Republic Faxi)
3x Cruisers (Republic Tribal Rodul)
2x Battle Cruisers (Republic Norn)
===Group 2: (50km)===
3x Frigates (Republic Tribal Gleeda)
1x Frigate (Republic Tribal Baldur)
1x Frigate (Republic Tribal Takan)
2x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Manadis)
1x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Jarpur)
2x Battleship (Republic Pytara)
===Group 3: (70km)===
2x Frigate (Chief Republic Isak) **Web/scram**
2x Destroyer (Republic Faxi)
1x Destroyer (Republic Austri)
2x Destroyer (Republic Bormin)
===Group 4: (100km)===
5x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Manadis)
4x Battleship (Republic Jarl) (Fires Bane Torpedoes *Explosive Damage*)
1x Battleship (Republic Pytara)
===Group 5: (70km)===
3x Battle Cruiser (Republic Norn)
1x Battle Cruiser (Republic Venis)
1x Battle Cruiser (Republic Nutia)
2x Battleship (Republic Pytara)
1x Battleship (Republic Jotun)
Warp in, kill (or ignore) Group 1.
Eliminate all ships from Group 5 and warp out.

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