Postmodern Primitives, Level 4 Storyline

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Faction: Amarr Navy
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Gated Deadspace (That allows MWD to work as of 05/March/2010)
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal
Web/Scramble: Elite Frigates: Divine Imperial XXXXX
Recommended damage dealing: EM

Pocket 1 (Defense)

Clear as you warp in, apporaching the Amarr control tower

Initial Group:

Amarr Battery X 8
Amarr Energy neutralizer battery X 2 (Trigger)
Amarr Stasis Tower X 2

As you kill one neut battery, there will spawn the half of second group; if you kill the second neut battery, the others will spawn.

Killing the the Amarr Energy neutralizer battery results 2.4% standing lose.

Spawn 1: (killed first neut tower)

Divine Imperial Basil (Cruiser) X 2
Imperial Templar Martyr (BS) X 1

Spawn 2: (killed second neut tower)

Divine Imperial Basil (Cruiser) X 1
Imperial Templar Martyr (BS) X 2
Divine Imperial Bahir (Web/Scramble) X 2

Killing the Amarr control tower results 2.4% standing lose and it is NOT required.

Two Gates, If you want to finish fast go mining then production/living
if you want to kill all go worship then mining.

Worship Pocket:

Initial Group:

Killing the Amarr Battery results 2.4% standing lose

Amarr Battery X 6
Amarr Stasis Tower X 1
Divine Imperial Valok (Web/Scramble) x 4
Amarr Cruiser X 7
Imperial Templar Martyr (BS) X 2
Imperial Templar Dominator (BS) X 2

Spawn 1: (Lock and approaching the Amarr building)

Imperial Templar Dominator (BS) X 2

Mining Pocket:

Initial Group:

(The miners are too easy to kill and do not do damage)

Divine Imperial Nabish (Web/Scramble) x 2
Imperial Templar Martyr (BS) X 3
Imperial Templar Dominator (BS) X 1

Spawn 1: (kill starbase storage facility will give you a bonus elite Bs and two frigates)

killing starbase storage facility will results 2.4% standing down

Elite BS X 1
Divine Imperial Imran (Web/Scramble) x 2

Various mineable asteriods (Veldspar/Plagioclase/Pyroxeres)

Production/Living Pocket:

Spawn 1:
Amarr Cruier X 2
Amarr Frigates X 4

Spawn 2:
Amarr Frigates x2
Imperial Templar Dominator x4

Kill the Amarr Tactical Support will drop the mission loot and mission will be done.
Killing the Starbase Major Assembly results 2.4% standing lose and it will drop you nothing value.

Comment by SimonCole
2011-05-31 22:31:49
I really disliked this mission.

In production/living pocket, a lot more ships spawned, and I had to deal with most of those before I could loot the mission objective. Think there were about 4-5 BS, 2 elite cruisers, and 2 scrambling interceptors.

Should probably have fitted an AB for the mission. Those long distances to gates were very dull in my Maelstrom.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-06-06 17:26:10
Acceleration Gates are often 30-50 kilometers away from the pocket's warpin point. Gates are locked in many cases.

In the Production/Living pocket, the initial wave of rats can be ignored as you destroy the Amarr Tactical Support (name may not be exact; I didn't write it down). The rats in that pocket do not need to be killed.


I incurred the following losses with the Amarr Empire:
-2.4% Combat - Ship Kill
-0.02% Combat - Ship Kill
-5.4193% Derived Modification

I incurred the following gains:
Minmatar Mining Corporation: 23.4375%
Minmatar Republic: 9.375%

If you're careful with what you destroy, this mission can still be worthwhile, despite the extra standing loss due to "Combat - Ship Kill", provided that your Amarr standings aren't already close to -2.0.
Comment by PdcAgni
2012-01-30 11:10:10
Updated the Production/Living pocket to include the additional ships I saw as well.
Comment by YadoT
2017-04-14 17:40:59
Entire Pocket 1 Defense spawned when fleet member warped in. No Neut Batteries destroyed to trigger.
Comment by DumbGit
2017-12-25 00:04:54
25 Dec 2017
Used a pair of omni-tanked Navy Scorpions for this one. Probably could have done it in a passively tanked single ship but I wanted to do it quick. I'd say (if you are passively tanked), take out the rats and missile batteries and stasis towers, then a neut tower, kill the spawn, then do the second neut tower and second spawn.
If you are actively tanked, I'd say take out the neut towers and stasis towers so you can move and try to reduce the incoming DPS a bit. Set your drones on the frigates and take out the BSs with your weapons. Tanking for EM would also help.

After cleaning up the little stuff and bookmarking a wreck I moved into the Mining room.

Just shooting at one of the starbase storage facilities was enough to trigger the spawn. The 2 storage facilities drop small amounts of trade goods (10 each of antibiotics and dairy products for example). Not worth the standings hit (unless you aren't worried about it). I only did it to see what the "elite battleship" and frigates would be like. Nowhere near as tough as your average Dire Pithum frigate and cruiser rats.

Loot and salvage came to about 46,800,000 isk, mostly from the tags. 15 Imperial Navy General Insignia IIs made up 34,500,000 of the total by themselves.
The mission rewards were 2,950,000 total.

Amaar standings loss:
-0.24 Ship Kill
-0.002 Ship kill (I was a bit lazy and missed the "tick" by 2 minutes or I wouldn't have gotten that additional -0.002)
-0.604 Derived Modification

Caldari Standings Loss:
-0.277 Derived Modification

Minmatar Standings gain:
Corporation (Core Complexion) gain:

Gallente Standings gain:
+0.695 Derived Modification
Comment by DumbGit
2018-06-08 23:04:56
9 June 2018
Just did this one again. A few notes.
In the first pocket the rat (ships) started spawning almost immediately and I had all the BSs, Cruisers and frigates on grid before I took out the first neut tower. I had to "unlock" all the Amaar Batteries so that I could target the second Neut tower, then the 2 Stasis towers (which go down much quicker than the Neut towers).

After that I set my drones on the Frigates and started working on the BSs with my cruise missiles.
I was in an active-tanked Navy Scorpion (just one this time) and despite having full pocket aggro I wasn't in any danger, especially after getting rid of the Neut/Stasis towers.
Note: The "Imperial" frigates are "Elite" frigates which means not only are they tougher to take down, but will start shooting at your drones even though they are still aggro'ing you.
I seem to recall that there were a lot more than just 2 of them as well and despite shooting them with a small howitzer and the T2 Accolytes, they still took out 4 drones before I got the last of them.

Mining note - the 'roids in the mining pocket are the best variety of the ores (i.e. Dense Veldspar). I recall there was Plagioclase, Pyroxeres and the Veld (maybe worth trying to mine before turning the mission in).

Again, most of the value came from collecting the tags. I'd recommend bookmarking a wreck in each room and coming back in a fast frigate, or have an alt/corpie follow behind and collect them after the room is cleared. Fast frigate because the wrecks will be spread over a wide area. The structures and guns don't drop anything worth collecting.
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