Propaganda Cluster

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Faction: Incursion Sansha's Nation
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Omni
Recommended ship classes: (easily) completed in a T2 armour tanked cane, with a T2 fitted gila in fleet
Recommended generic setup: either heavy tank, or pure speed
Forces Required: 1-5 pilots

Incursion Sansha will auto aggress and switch targets (including drones).

Military Intelligence
Your primary objective is to storm the Nation’s media control facility and destroy any defense forces you find there.

This is a target of opportunity, and has minimal impact on the larger anti-Sansha campaign.

- 50,000 ISK x ratio
- 50 CONCORD LP x ratio

Background Intelligence
The Nation’s influence over system-wide infrastructure is starting to be ruthlessly exploited to the maximum extent possible. Officers in some affected systems are now reporting that Sansha have blocked local news outlets and even emergency broadcast systems from transmitting vital data. Although there are a number of obvious tactical advantages to such a move, the nature and pattern of the Nation’s censorship is neither consistent nor predictable. There may be a more subtle and insidious goal behind these attacks or perhaps their jamming technology is not yet perfected. In either case, these propaganda clusters, although militarily insignificant, nonetheless pose a significant threat to the continued stability of densely populated planets and systems under attack.

Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0093. DED Special Operations.
Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.

Single Pocket

Wave 1

2 x Jel Rhomben (last to die is trigger)

Wave 2

2 x Jel Rhomben
1 x Youl Meten (Web) (trigger)

Wave 3

2 x Jel Rhomben
1 x Youl Meten (Web) (trigger)

Wave 4

1 x Raa Thalamus
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