Proven Loyalty, Level 1

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter

Mission briefing

We have identified a civilian facility inside a nearby contested sector that houses a great number of engineers and mechanics, all of whom assist with the repair of Amarrian vessels far from their home stations. Though they may technically be non-combatants, these people are directly and unarguably assisting Empire forces. They must be dealt with.


Take out the Industrials that take care of re-supplying the Colony and if you have time inflict as much damages as possible on the civilian structures in the area.

Single pocket

8x Frigate (4x Imperial Forian, 2x Imperial Bahir, 1x Imperial Natendi, 1x Imperial Sixtus)
2x Destroyer (Imperial Deacon)
1x Industrial (Imperial Courier)


Take out the industrial.
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