Questions and Answers

A quick and dirty faq. Will be updated soon(tm).

Want to register?

First join the ingame channel eve-survival for info about the invitation code. Everybody that registers may submit and update missions themselves. Use an out of game browser for this, but it is possible to login ingame too. If you want to do something more for the guide, like being a janitor and being a mission report collector, tell us.

Please create an username that is similar to your ingame name. It's got to contain at least two capital letters or one capital letter and one number. It's the way Wikka links users and pages.

Example: ChepeNolon

How do I Join "Eve-survival"?

Can't find the channel in the channels list? You have to type the name first time you join it:


Click on the button "Join"


Type in eve-survival. Then click ok.

If you part the channel in the future, you will find it in the channels list.

Want to comment?

If you got some comments about a mission. Perhaps you lost your ship to one. Or you have a really good setup for a mission, please use the comment form below each mission (use an out of game browser). You need to be registered and logged in to do that.

This way we keep the main mission page clean of personal views.

Want to report a mission or edit a current one?

  1. Register at this site.
  1. View the documentation. Especially the templates and the naming convention.
  1. Make a new one or edit a page
  1. If you've made a new one, please tell us in the EVE-Survival channel (Look for the Janitors in TheTeam). We'll add a link to it. It's reachable from PageIndex until then.

If you got any questions, be sure to ask in the EVE-survival channel! No questions are too dumb. Remember also to look at the "EVE-survival mail" mailing list. I'll post changes etc there.

General Q's and A's

Q: I have some screen shots for a mission, where do I send it?
A: Join the channel EVE-survival to get info on how to deliver it.

Q: The (insert mission here) is missing.
A: Be the first to report it, either by reporting it yourself, or join EVE-survival finding someone there that can add it for you.

Q: Can I report level 5 and Cosmos missions
A: Yes. Now we'll accept all kinds of missions

Q: Your info about (insert mission here) is wrong!
Q: I (nearly) lost a ship because of your guides.
A: The guides are made by agent runners, for agent runners. With no connection to CCP or any of the GM in the game. In short, we don't have the source. The info may be inaccurate or completely wrong.

Q: How do I report a new mission?
A: Register, click on the link at the bottom of the MissionReports page. Then join the channel EVE-survival to get someone to add a link.

Q: What info do you want?
A: What faction(s) do you battle, aggro, triggers for new waves, damage, EWAR, an approx. description of the opposition. And what ship did you complete it in (Recommended ship).

Q: What about complete list of the opposing forces?
A: Feel free to report every ship, if you got the time. But try to figure out the randomness, or else I will get 20 edits a week regarding that mission. We like it in this form: 4x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assaulter/Assasin)

Q: The rats in the list is the same faction, but totally different names.
A: Some mission reports still have old names of the rats. Feel free to update that.

Q: How do I report slightly changed rat lists? (Correct names, but there is for example one more of type A ship and one less of type B)
A: Try to figure out the randomness. 1x Battlecruiser type A, 3x BC type B in one mission and 2x Battlecruiser type A, 2x BC type B in another is best reported as 4x Battlecruiser (Type A/B)

Q: What info do you NOT want?
A: Rewards, loot, salvage. Very detailed ship setups may be added in the comment section.

A: Yes, send me a link and let me check it out if it's worth putting up on this page. I prefer in game sites. There are other pages out there like EVE-geek, that has a lot of links and info about other stuff.
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