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======Recon, Level 2======

=====Part 1 of 3=====

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Faction: Sansha's Nation
Mission Type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace 2e pocket warpdisrupting cloud (dont use slow ships with turrets!!)
Incoming Damage: 60% EM / 40% TH
10+ tracking disruptors in 2e pocket
Recommended Damage Output: EM/TH
Recommended ships :Hurricane, command ship, Drake

====Pocket 1====

- Four groups of three ships which spawn at short intervals (~20 seconds)
- Take out the smaller ship (Destroyer) first in each group then work on the Cruisers then Elite (Loyal) Cruisers
- each spawn = one Destroyer and two Cruiser size ships
- Cruiser size; 25% chance of BC, 25% chance of T1 Cruiser, 50% chance of Elite [Loyal] Cruiser
- expect approx. 450dps from full-aggro in both pockets
- new spawns WILL target your drones, so pull them back in quickly after killing Destroyer with them.
- The Centum Loyal Slaughterers are the hardest to kill and use tracking disruptors. Plan accordingly.

===examples of possible spawns===
1x Centior Abomination, Devourer [Destroyer]
1x Centior Horror, Hellhound [T1 Cruiser]
1x Centatis Behemoth or Daemon [BC]
1x or 2x Centum Loyal Execrator, Hellhound, Slaughterer

====Pocket 2 ====
+- 20 ships
===Full-aggro List===
3x Centii Loyal Savage
3x Centii Loyal Slavehunter
8x Centum Loyal Fiend/Hellhound

10+ will perma tracking distrupt you
======incomplete ship list=====

Use a frigate with AfterBurner ( => 1km/s ) and hurry to get to the acceleration gate. After You activated the gate and are in Pocket 2 wait some seconds until the journal is blinking. This indicates that the mission goal is accomplished and You can move to the agent.

=====Part 2 and 3=====

This part is common for all races: [[Recon2 | Link]]

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