Reporting Missions

First of, you should check out the MissionTemplate on what and how to include.

What should be included in your mission report

The info about spacetype, faction etc and just your ship. And a general report of each pocket. Triggers, aggro, respawns, groups, blitz etc. You may add a complete rat-list. But then you should report it in a format described in the template.

What can be added in the comment section

Your take on the mission. Like your setup, which one do you attack first. Etc.

The Janitors

The janitors will clean up your mission, if you add too much in the main section. We might expand, but first of all we need to clean up to get the vital information out to the runners. If you are unsure about what you should report, join the ingame channel Eve-survival, or contact one of the Janitors in TheTeam page.

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