Revenge is Sweet, level 3

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Agent location: Fluekele - Central Administration (Aminn Flosin)

Revenge is Sweet (1 of 4)

Faction: Serpentis / Rogue Drones
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All Kinds
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal (EM/Thermal for Drones, Kin/Thermal for Serpentis)
Recommended ships: Fast frigate
Note: Only frigate, destroyer, and cruiser hulls can activate the gates.

You've asked to find Isone Flosin. You've given a location where you find another agent that can tell you were she was last sighted, and ask you to find her. Go through 3 pockets to find the wreck. It's a mix of low damage, sporadic serpentis and rogue drones, and acceleration gates are not locked. Loot Isone Flosin's Wreck for her corpse, and bring it back to the agent at the first gate. She'll give you the dna that you bring back to the original father.

All rats will attack shuttles, so using one is not recommended.

Pocket 1:

Very quiet pocket. You can ab through the whole pocket without problems.

Pocket 2:

Looks much worse than it is. Just ab through it all and kill off if they get too close.

Pocket 3:

Named Serpentis rats and Rogue Drones. No aggro until you get too close. If you're in a ship that can handle combat, kill Jark Makon and loot his ship before warping out.

Revenge is Sweet (2 of 4)

Same deadspace area as part 1.

Collect Jark Makon's corpse and return it to the agent. If you already have his corpse, or you can steal it from another mission runner, you aren't required to destroy his ship again.

Revenge is Sweet (3 of 4)

Courier (agent : Jel I - Roden Warehouse)

Revenge is Sweet (4 of 4)

Faction: Serpentis / Rogue Drones
Mission type: Deadspace (no gate)
Damage dealt: All Kinds
Reccomended damage dealing: Thermal (em thermal for drones, kin thermal for serpentis)
Recommended ships: Battlecruiser

Warp-in location is a krypton cloud which will MURDER YOUR EYES OMG.

3x Corelatis Platoon Leader (battlecruiser)
1x Corelatis Squad Leader (battlecruiser)
2x Corelum Chief Scout (cruiser)
2x Corelum Chief Infantry (cruiser)
2x Coreli Guard (frigate)
2x Coreli Safeguard (frigate)
4x Coreli Protector (frigate)
1x Coreli Defender (frigate)
2x Serpentis Heavy Missile Battery (sentry drone)

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